8 Cold Weather Activities to Embrace and Inspire

The falling temperatures, shorter hours of sunlight, snowfall, and unpredictable climate challenges, do not have to thwart the pursuit of the wonderous activities. Outdoor enthusiasts, such as skiers, snowboarders, ice skaters, and others enjoy fun and exercise as they embrace the cold.


Cold is Healthy – Snow and Glistening Ice Can Be Fortuitous


A major motivator for leaving the cozy environs of home are the fresh air, the feeling of sunlight on pale faces, and a chance soak up priceless levels of elusive Vitamin D, to increase immunities, and embrace the sheer “joy” of getting out into the frozen, fluffy, white stuff. Winter is upon us and to celebrate it with quality activity is healthy for the body and the mind.  


Embrace, but Do so With Proper Precautions 


Driving to and from mountainous resorts, or simply transcending to your local grocery store can be daunting, as the icy patches in these frozen environs are unpredictable, and risky. Roads will frequently be slippery and if it is not you careening, others may be unavoidably approaching you.  Is your car insurance giving you traction?  Ensure you have a trusted provider, such as Freeway Insurance, who has offered excellent liability and collision insurance for over 30 years, should a bump in the road, turn out to be someone’s pet moose. 


Cold Weather Activities for a Fantastic Winter


The following list of engaging cold weather activities are assembled with care to get humans out of their padded, swivel chairs, away from plugins and apps, and into the reality of what can be experienced, infrequently, but with great exuberance, testing physical attributes of balance, strength, peripheral vision, and energy, with the character-building traits of competitiveness, strategy, courage, and balance. 


Skiing downhill or cross-countryUgg boots attached with bindings for descending the mountain side at slick speeds, or ski across any number of terrains, available everywhere.


Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt – Bring a photo camera, or a cell phone, to capture images on a pre-planned list that includes: 


      • nature frozen in ice
      • a trail of large animal tracts
      • a trail sign or road marker
      • a snow-covered nature sculpture.


Photos of unusual imagery, in unique settings, are a test of    creativity. Dress in layers, as wetness does occur.


Tubing – All you need to snow tube is the inner tube from a tractor or a truck, if you are not near a resort which offers this activity.  Dress in layers with waterproof boots, a water-resistant pants/jacket, gloves/hat sunglasses, lip balm, and sunscreen.  You will enjoy the challenge of staying on course while whirling in circles down steep slopes or hills. The buoyancy, erratic pace, and pattern of this event, keep participants enthused for hours.


Pond Hockey – Skaters who love hockey, enjoy playing pond hockey of their own backyard rink, created from a build up of 3 inches of water in a designated area, or on an accessible frozen pond where play is allowed. Setting up goals, and putting eye-hand co-ordination to the test, with peers or parents, is a great winter cardio work out, and its challenging.  Wear a helmet and take your best shots on goal.


Snowball Fight – When you feel like strategizing, and being competitive, preparing for a snowball fight can be the right activity. Prepare your stash of snowballs by warming your gloved hands, by breathing on them, as you roll the wet snow into balls. Place your cold creations in a location which is easy to reach. Do not throw immediately. Have patience, and pick the spot to aim for, as the opponents move toward you. Then fire away, not aiming for their head. The winner leaves his snowy marks on the clothes of the targeted person or make up the rules as you go along. Hot chocolate is a great reward for all players.


Take a Snowshoe Hike – Snowshoes are designed to help you float on the hard snowpack, whether it is a foot or much deeper. They are sized in inches and by weight and can be rented. Use the trails that are groomed for snowshoes, dress in layers, and enjoy the quiet beauty of the season as you take a low impact exercise into winters wonderland.


Design a Snow Maze - Use the deep snow in the yard to design a snow maze, with a winner’s circle, where a surprise is almost buried. A snow blower or shovel will establish a trail that leads to the reward. The wrong path can lead to a grumpy snowman wall.


Create Ice Bubbles – Use a solution of one-part water, 4 parts dish soap, and a few drops of light corn syrup. Dip a straw in the mixture, the blow beautiful icy orbs and watch what happens. It must be below 25 degrees Fahrenheit outside. 


The crisp, cold air of winter, and the beauty of freshly fallen snow, are pristine gifts from nature during winter. Take time to breathe, play, bounce, slide, glide, for a healthier, happier, fully engaged lifestyle.