7 Simple Kitchen Design Ideas to Make Your Home Stylish

Cooking area or the kitchen in the house rules of all the other areas of the house. It is the place where the decorative sleight of hand caters to the maximum amount of visual impact. In recent times, a modular kitchen has taken over the designer market. And most of us are of this opinion to embrace the same, customized by your kitchen requirements. They are thus hassle-free, yet look chic and sophisticated.  You can also check out this guide from StoneFryingPans for the other kitchen essentials you need after you have decided on your kitchen design

The efficiency of your kitchen design improvised with the seven simple kitchen design ideas discussed below. The narrow space of your kitchen will look more spacious, while luxury will be the look that will go hand-in-hand with your kitchen décor.  

  • Perfectly laid-out kitchen 

Designing your heavenly abode becomes easy, once your perfectly laid-out kitchen becomes your number one priority. The layout should be right – the work-triangle – the distance amid the cooking range, sink, and refrigerator – should be well-planned and compact. The distance covered should not be more than a couple of footsteps! The rule says that the fridge should be nearer to the room's entry, as it is the primary destination of the kitchen-goers. Keep your kitchen tools always prepared. 

For instance, the L-shaped concept of this kitchen stands perfect for a small place. It looks well-organized also. When planning the house, you can opt for a big window in the kitchen walls. It would make the room open as compared to others. The natural light can stream into the kitchen during the day-time, transforming it into a chef's paradise. Curtains are optional, especially during summers. Paint the whole with pastel shades, like beige or off-white.

  • Methodically place the wall cabinets

Antiquated yet straightforward, the kitchen space speaks volumes. If the design is kept simple, it will be more user-friendly and well-accommodating. You can hire professionals from kitchen design Connecticut for best designs. Modular kitchen designs comprise all.  It is a kind of goodie bag for any designer. But, placement of the wall cabinets should be done methodically. A 36-inch tall wall cabinet, fixed in a low-ceilinged kitchen will never look nice. Instead, it will be nothing but a significant obstruction! Thus, when ordering for the modular cabinets, or customizing the same, the total area of the kitchen has to be considered wisely. Moreover, the placement height kept in mind, by your height. Otherwise, it will be a daily struggle to take out things from the shelves.

  • Splurge in with the backsplashes

You should be aware of where to splurge in while modeling or remodeling your cooking area. Often, there are times when the backsplash remains unattended. There are various avenues to make it useful, especially for the person who is cooking. Backsplashes are significant opportunities to express your style and personality, as they are cost-effective and do not require much material to get the work done. If blessed with a small house, then the adjoining small kitchen should be having the full features for you to handle your culinary skills. All-inclusive, the backsplash, incorporate lighter shades for your cooking area while creating the magic of space.

  • Designer hardware 

Go in for designer hardware for your kitchen. They are the basic ornamentations of your kitchen cabinets. The good-quality hardware will be the answer to all your significant problems of storage spaces. Many home design retail outlets cater to durable hardware, which will provide a substantial boom for your invested amount!

  • Striking light fixtures 

While entering the cooking space, the instinct of ours makes us look up at the ceiling and check out the lights. And this happens very often. The beautiful light fixtures over insignificant islets, like the mealtime corner and basin, are essential. Try building a visual hierarchy of ceiling-light accessories with sonneman lightingIt will be similar to one portion acting like the showstopper, while the others as the supporting cast and crew. One quick suggestion from us here would be that you give your ceilings a quick check from professionals if you are planning to spend on lighting structures or fixtures for an old home, especially if you have a weak roof about which you are unsure of. 

  • Sensible kitchen floorboards

The kitchen floorboards are where the artificial rules supreme. It is always the mantra followed religiously by many designers. Wooden floorboards make sense in the open layouts of recent times. It should be similar to the floorboards of other rooms. Position the tiles, keeping in mind the artistic attributes. Plan wisely to inculcate luxury to your kitchen! 

  • Durable and cost-effective basin

Your kitchen will never be complete minus a sustainable, yet cost-effective basin. Owing to the availability of various designs in home-design retail stores, you can choose from multiple models. But then, they have to be durable, along with the perfect finish and shape. The same should be well-adjusted to the given space in the kitchen. Otherwise, it will look totally out of space.

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Selecting the perfect and modest kitchen design for your personal cooking space should generally depend on the total area available. The above discussed seven simple kitchen design ideas are ready for the limited space, which you have in your kitchen. Thus, the most excellent strategy of having a relaxed kitchen in a small home is to keep it polished and stylish.