6 Tips on Staying Positive During PMS

Women and the people who love them know just how difficult, painful and confusing PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, can be. Premenstrual syndrome is a common condition wherein a female experiences a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms in between her ovulation time and her menses. These symptoms vary from woman to woman, but a few are generally shared by a majority of all females during this period of time every month. These symptoms include abdominal cramps, leg pains, headaches, emotional turmoil, diarrhea and many more. The intensity of the symptoms may shift from cycle to cycle but they generally occur at some point during a woman's PMS phase. As rough as this time can be, there are a lot of ways to help ease the pains and keep you positive. Here are six tips on how you can keep feeling positive during PMS.

  1. Supplements

Supplements are a fantastic resource for anyone, but especially a woman going through her premenstrual syndrome. Taking something like a hormone balance supplement is a great and easy way to keep you upbeat and feeling your best during PMS. They typically come in a pill, tonic or powder form that you swallow once or a few times a day. The ingredients then work in your body to help improve your mood and ease your symptoms while you do whatever else you need and want to. Supplements can help a woman ease her many physical symptoms as well as any symptoms related to mood swings and mental fog.

  1. Yoga

When you are experiencing PMS, your first instinct is probably not to get up and exercise. This is smart, because PMS tends to zap a woman's energy. However, light, low impact exercise can actually help to ease symptoms. Having a monthly yoga practice is a great way to move and stretch your sore and tired body without causing any more pain. There are many videos on the internet wherein a yoga teacher has crafted the practice specifically to ease PMS. Certain yoga poses have been known to actually help relieve abdominal cramping and leg pains. Taking twenty minutes out of your day to do a yoga practice may change the course of your entire cycle.

  1. Healthy Sweets

Super sugary sweets are supposedly not that great for a PMSing woman. This might come as a disappointment to sweets lovers, but there are alternatives that will fulfill your craving without amping up your symptoms. Sweets such as dark chocolate and fruits will satisfy the sugar desire in you while also potentially helping with symptoms. You will also probably feel better after eating healthier foods than you would if you ate a refined sugar full candy bar.

  1. Journaling

One of the common symptoms of PMS is a feeling of depression coupled with a foggy mental state. This can be extremely confusing and tricky to navigate through. A way to help yourself lay out your thoughts and sort through them logically is to get a journal and write it all down. Many people have found journaling to be a habit that puts their minds at ease and helps decrease feelings of mind fog and sadness. You can even get a period specific journal to make it a fun, monthly tradition! 

  1. Comfortable Clothes

This might seem obvious but it hardly ever fails to help. While you are at work, you have to dress a certain way no matter what your job is. However, when you get home, your clothing choices are all your own. As soon as you walk through the door to your home, you should switch from your daily clothes into loosely fitted and soft fabric clothing. PMS can cause a woman's skin to feel uncomfortable and extra sensitive and loose clothing that is extra soft can help you relax without your skin hurting.

  1. Meditation

Meditation has grown in popularity in recent years. Plenty of people swear by it for dealing with the stressors of their daily life. PMS may only be a once a month stressor but it is certainly still a stressor. Sitting quietly in a silent, dark room, closing your eyes and listening to a guided meditation can help set you up to have a more mindful and positive day just through the power of your thoughts.

Being a woman is a completely amazing thing, but it definitely does not come without its downsides. Dealing with PMS once a month is incredibly difficult, but it does not mean that you have to feel down during this time. There are plenty of ways you can help keep yourself positive. Try utilizing one or all of these tips and see what a difference it will make in your life to feel as good as you can before you start your period.