5 Tricks for Pulling Your Home Together

At long last, your dream home is taking shape. It is beautiful and habitable; not bad at all. But frustratingly, the home doesn’t quite sing. It is almost modern and stylish, but it still doesn’t feel “quite there” as per your taste or as per the standards that your neighborhoods have set for themselves. Something is missing, you and your close associates can feel it, but you can’t seem to put your finger on it. You are now in panic mode to pull your house together. Don’t worry though because that happens to all of us. We will help you pull your home together and probably get it a candidate for a magazine photoshoot- with these 5 tricks:

  1.     Paint a residential mural

Murals are very common these days around and other cities and towns around the world, especially in restaurants and offices. Modern home owners are also painting murals in their private homes as a way of injecting ambiance, personality, life, color, and story into residential spaces. You too can transform your private residence into an absolute suburban oasis by painting a large mural on an exterior wall. Remember to choose an artist whose insights and design concepts not only align with your taste and personality but that also brings out the “feel good” vibe. An artist who will use bright colors, patterns, and energy to tell the story of who you are, what you stand for, your journey, where you come from, and what your hopes and dreams are. You cannot personalize an exterior space better than that. Also always make sure you check out how paint like a professional when doing your paint touch-up.

  1.     Redo your siding

Traditional vinyl siding is a popular trend in many places across the world. However, if you plan or remodelling your home so that it stands out from the crowd, you probably should consider going for insulated polymer or fiber cement siding. These particular types of Siding Installation are relatively inexpensive to get and maintain, especially if you hire a reputable siding company for the job. Note that you don’t need to paint insulated polymer to protect it from weather elements- ever! It doesn’t rot, blister, chip or peel. The same goes for fiber cement siding, but you might need to paint it after a while to rekindle its glow. At this point, if you are a person who likes peace and quiet or want to have a room where you simply go and ‘isolate’ from the outside noise, this is the perfect moment to do it. Apart from sidings from the outside, you can also invest in some soundproofing materials for the inside and create the desired atmosphere.

  1.     Bring in indoor plants

Every “okay” home needs a few more living things to come together. Humans are there already, maybe pets too, so the next alive thing that can transform your home is a houseplant. Plants can be the perfect accent for your coffee table or shelves, and can bring color and texture to the bare corners in your living room. 

You don’t need to be a savvy plant parent to care for indoor plants in your home because the region is filled with plants that thrive with minimal care. Plants reported to grow well across regions include all Viola Species, Trachycarpus Species, Phormium Species, and Sarracenia Species, among others.


  1.     Improve your lighting

Take charge of the mood of your home by automating your lighting systems. Lighting automation allows you to adjust the lighting around the home from a single control panel or smart device. You can install motion sensitive lighting too or automate your window shades. That brings maximum comfort, lowers your power bills, and boosts security both inside and outside the home. Speaking of home security, you can scare off vandals whenever you are out of town using motion sensor perimeter lighting. All these benefits on top of adding some flair to your  home! 

  1.     Shake up your indoor look

Pulling a home together sometimes takes nothing more than trying something a little different; tweaking your existing style a little bit to take it to the next level. Here are a few suggestions for you:

  •       Mount shelves on a wall to create a focal, eye-catching display for your book collections. If you don’t have any favorite books, you can display your silverware, memorabilia, or artifacts on the shelves to enliven your living room and inject your personality.
  •       Fill an unused stretch of wall with a grid of rectangular frames for that simple yet sophisticated look.
  •       Replace that big coffee table with a set of smaller, modern, and more stylish tables.
  •       If your bedroom walls are neutral, add one brightly colored, oversized piece of art to liven up the space.

Bottom line: Tidy Up

Don’t fret too much over pulling your home together. If your budget is limited, you can do wonders by putting away stray mail, revitalizing your outdoor garden, straightening towels and wiping out the sink in your powder room, and ensuring all high-touch surfaces are clean. Baby steps!