5 Post Covid-19 Fashion Trends You Should Look Out For

Fashion. This seven-letter word has the mighty power to evolve forever and adapt itself with the time and circumstances. It is very much alive and breathing and continually changing, discarding trends and adding new ideas on the go. It can define cultures and geographical boundaries based on the standards that are set. Many factors can revolutionize fashion, and the recent pandemic is undoubtedly one of them. The 2020 Covid-19 has no doubt shook the entire human existence from its very core. 

The kind of damage it has done in almost all occupational forum has been devastating. It has virtually altered every aspect of human life, and fashion has also not escaped from it. However, it has been spared the blushes as fashion has moved in a positive direction. It has instilled a sense of vogue that has not been seen before. Below is a list of new trends to watch out for post-Covid-19.

Masks and Veils

Most governments have mandated masks as recommended by the WHO to prevent the spread of the virus. It has been considered the first defense line as the virus tends to enter through the mouth and nose primarily. This has resulted in masks becoming a fundamental part of our daily wear. The moment you step out of the house, you should don one. Therefore, many people have opted for colorful and designed masks to blend them with their outfits. 

This wedding season is sure to find brides and bridesmaids sport matching masks with their elaborate attire. Veils to have made a comeback as they look both fashionable and are useful as they cover the entire face. Big brands have also picked this up on their radar and started manufacturing a diverse range of masks. You can easily shop for shows from popular brands like Adidas and Wildcraft. Masks can up your style quotient and take care that the safety of the individual wearing them is not compromised.


Gloves form a protective measure that prevents your hands from coming in contact with any surface which might contain infectious germs. This has become crucial as hand-to-mouth, or hand-to-nose, spread of infection was noted as becoming extremely common. This is why companies such as Unigloves (click here to learn more about Unigloves) have become so important as of late, as their disposable gloves offer protection to those who need it most. However, it goes without saying that disposable gloves are far from fashionable. Normal gloves may not offer the same level of protection, but they can be a fashion accessory as well as offering some protection.

Fashion gurus worldwide predict that the traditional gloves might be ditched for more trendy, exquisite looking ones. Matching gloves can make a straightforward fashion statement. They had always been a part of a cool and rustic outfit, but it will surely get integrated into daily wear soon. Other than the protection it provides, it has the additional aspect of keeping your hands warm. Therefore, this trend is going to be even more accentuated in temperate climate regions. You can look at different brands or online portals to invest in stylish gloves of your liking.


Scarves have made a comeback because they are trendy and effective in protecting your hair from the virus. There have been multiple reports where a heavy concentration of viral load was found on the head, especially the hair. People tend to ignore this fact and not take a head bath as often as they wash or sanitize their hands. 

Thus, it can serve as a nidus for the spread of the virus even further. Scarves are an appropriate way to accessorize your winter look. A satin or silk scarf can be the only accessory you need to stylize your look and change it from drab to fab. These materials do not let the pathogen stick to it and can be washed and dried easily without damaging the fabric excessively.

Comfortable home wear

With all of us cooped up in our houses and offices asking employees to work from home, pajamas have become our best friends. There is hardly any chance of wearing your smart or glam outfits as you will hardly step out. Therefore, this is a good time to invest in good quality, comfortable and cute matching pajamas and oversized tees Printed, colored, or monochromatic, there is a wide range of options to choose from. 

In general, minimalistic and comfortable seem to be the dominant strategies in planning one’s wardrobe in this post-Covid world. Most of your social media posts and pictures are going to involve your home wear as well. Make sure you are updated about the latest fashion concerning comfortable home wear as well. You can also opt for matching outfits with the other members of your family or go one step further by twinning with your pets.

Positive externality

The Covid-19 has battered and bruised people all over the world. People have realized how fortunate they can afford the basics they had been taking for granted for so long. This has resulted in people being guided by the motive to contribute to helping the less fortunate. Phrases like “Kindness economy” have emerged, and businesses that have a positive externality towards the earth and society and favor the customer base. 

More people are going 'local' these days and buying from the native people rather than relying on brands to satisfy their trend brain. It puts the indigenous style on a pedestal and brings out the best from the native culture. It also extends a helping hand, especially to the financially compromised people, to get a hold of their lives.


As the people start to get a grip on the pandemic assuredly, the positive aspects must be considered. The new fashion trends are one of those shining beacons. Make sure you do not lag and adopt these in the best manner possible. 

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