5 Must-Have Newborn Essentials for Modern Parents

The thought of bringing a child into this world can be quite overwhelming. The little bundle of joy that struggles to settle its body against yours marks the beginning of the most beautiful challenge of your life. Most couples have confessed that the feeling is unlike anything they have ever experienced before.


Young parents are often very nervous about welcoming a newborn as they are uncertain about what kind of care the child requires initially, but let me tell you for a fact that the baby only needs you. You are all that it wants! However, these five essential baby items for modern parents can make the task a little less challenging.




The new addition to the family demands a place to sleep. You might prefer to have the baby close to you during the nights to keep a check. A bassinet next to your bed will be convenient for night-time feeds and diaper changes.


Swaddle blankets

The swaddle blanket has been used for centuries and is an essential requirement of a newborn. The snugly feeling helps the baby to soothe itself to sleep as it reminds them of the time they were still in the womb. A swaddled baby is also easier to handle and carry.


Feeding essentials

Right after the baby is born, both the mother and child have a little-to-no clue about what to expect. With time you learn the baby's cues and how to respond to them. While the baby learns to eat, you learn how to feed. The nursing process can sometimes be a little challenging, and for that, you may require assistance; a breast-pump with small feeder bottles can be lifesaving at such points.


Baby sling carrier


Adjustable straps of a baby bag are wrapped around your upper body to give you a hands-free option, keeping your baby close to you all the time wherever you go. Observing the bright world keeps your kids entertained while you work. A baby carrier is very comfortable to wear, and the adjustable straps enable it to be used by anyone anytime.


Car-seat / stroller

If you travel with kids, you will definitely need a car seat or a stroller, maybe both of them. Carrying the baby around in your arms hinders your free movement, making you less productive. If you get a Mountain Buggy Duo Stroller, you'll be able to manage the baby's safety and comfort while travelling and feel much relieved to carry on with your work.



All essentials mentioned above are just recommendations that can make your experience with the newborn stress-free and memorable. However, it is not mandatory for parents to buy all these products or feel guilty if you do not use them. It is strongly suggested that you follow your parental instinct and go for the things you think the baby needs. Remember you don't need everything at the beginning. You can wait for a few weeks to analyze what your baby requires the most and buy it whenever you deem appropriate.


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