5 Must-Have Incontinence Products For Senior Citizens

Urinary ailments are quite common and impair the daily life of individuals. One of the most daunting urinary issues is incontinence and involuntary voiding of urine. Also, it occurs due to the weakening of the bladder or the urinary sphincter malfunctions. You are likely to experience specific symptoms like involuntary micturition, sudden urge to urinate, and other urinary disturbances. However, you might curb the clinical manifestations using absorbent pads and incontinence products. All you need to do is find out the incontinence level to fetch the product that works for your body.


Here are the top incontinence products that work for all the senior citizens out there.

1. Absorbent Pads 

One of the best ways to take care of your incontinence issues is the absorbent pads. All you need to do is wear the versatile pads that absorb around 8 ounces of fluid. Also, you might consider such products in case of mild to moderate incontinence issues. In case you’re wondering the ways to keep the pads in place, then worry no more. The absorbent pads come with adhesive strips that help in the proper positioning of the product. That way, you can change the pads as and when you like. 



  • The absorbent pads come in a variety of shapes, materials, as well as sizes. Not to forget, it also works for both women as well as men. 


  • You can wear the pads with your regular undergarments to soak up the involuntarily-voided urine. 




Another product that takes good care of your urinary troubles is absorbent underwear and briefs. It consists of a built-in cloth pad that absorbs the voided urine and prevents your bottoms from getting wet. Also, you might come across briefs with a liner that instills additional protection. The absorbent brief soaks up around 10 ounces of urine and comes in a variety of colors. Along with this, you can wear the same brief for a long duration of time due to the washable features. All you need to do is fetch the brief with the right material, size, and shape. 



  • The underwear keeps the moisture locked up and doesn’t cause wetting. Along with this, it suits the moderate to severe incontinence levels. 


  • You can wear the same underwear during the daytime and night to ensure adequate absorption of the moisture. However, make sure to pair it up with liners for additional protection.
  1.  3. Belted Shields 

Do you experience trouble adjusting the panty liners or briefs in place? If yes, then you might try out the belted shields for adequate protection. It comes with a different belt to secure the shield and absorb the voided urine. Along with this, the shields are quite reliable due to both the pads as well as liners. You can use the product in case of light to moderate incontinence issues. However, make sure to wear it beneath your regular underwear for maximum benefits. Not only does it absorb the urine, but it also provides the utmost comfort. 



  • You can remove as well as wear the belted shields without any hassles. Also, you might pair it up with your undergarments to take care of the incontinence issues.


  • The product is quite durable and works for a long duration. You can wash the product as and when you like before reusing it.


4. Guards

Here’s another product that you can use for locking up the excessive moisture due to incontinence. Guards are the gender-specific incontinence products that work for all the men out there. Also, it incorporates suitable protection from moderate to heavy voiding of the urine. Due to the product’s anatomy, it can absorb around 10 ounces of urine amongst the men. You can also reuse the guards after washing and save some bucks. Try to find the right size to secure the guards at a fixed place. That way, you don’t need to adjust the guard more than once.



  • In case you don’t find the liners or pads comfortable, you can always go for the incontinence guards. 


  • With the right size, material, and absorbency, the guards are likely to take care of moderate voiding without much trouble.

    5. Protective Underpads 

Protective underpads are yet another option to try for additional protection against involuntary voiding of urine. It comes with an absorbent layer and moisture barrier to keep the moisture locked in for a long duration. Also, the underpads come with protection against bacterias, fungi, and other microbes. Make sure to get your hands on the underpads with the right size and adhesive strips.



  • You need to find the underpad that contains adhesives to secure the same.


  • Underpads can lock in moisture for hours altogether. Also, you can use it with other incontinence products like liners and briefs.

Final Verdict

Urinary incontinence can be quite daunting to deal with and leads to a lot of frustration. In case you suffer from mild to moderate incontinence, you must consider the products that lock the moisture in. Some options to consider are liners and pads to secure in your regular undergarments. Apart from this, you can always go for heavy products like briefs and underwear. Make sure to choose the incontinence product according to the capacity as well as size aspects. You need to consider the right features before getting your hands on the product of choice. Don’t forget to check out the durability and absorbent nature of the material.