5 Best Ways To Use A Perfume For Your Next Date

A date is a perfect opportunity to impress someone you like. You can put on your most flattering outfit, pair it with the right footwear and accessories, and lastly, a good perfume can complete your look. Wearing a lovely perfume on your next date can not only give your confidence a boost but also help you win over your partner.

Do you go through your bottle of favorite perfume way too quickly? Or does the fragrance fade away as soon as you step out of the house? Well, it’s all about knowing how and where to apply the fragrance. Read on to find out about different ways to use perfume on your date.

The five best ways to use perfume:

While you may have invested in the best and most expensive perfumes, how you smell depends significantly on using them correctly. If you are tired of the fragrance fading away quickly, we can give you a few best options to chose from such as Calvin Klein, Gucci, Ormando Jayne, Chanel as they are the best names you can get your hands on and here are five ways to use it in a proper way:

1.       Identify the pulse points:

When you are getting ready, if you decide to spray the perfume wherever you can, you might be doing it wrong. You need heat to activate the fragrance from your perfume. The pulse points of your body are the areas where you can feel your heart rate. These points are usually warmer than other body parts due to the warmth of your blood. When you apply perfume on these pulse points, you tend to smell good for a longer time.  

It is essential to locate and target pulse points on your body when using perfume. The pulse points are:

  • Wrists
  • On the neck
  • Inside the elbows
  • Behind the knees
  • Below the midriff

Besides these points, you can invest in a good perfume like Bleu De Chanel and spray it on our calves and ankles to allow the smell to rise throughout the entire day.

2.       Moisturize your skin:

For people who have oily skin, the fragrance of the perfume tends to last longer. Wondering why it is so? It is because the moisture in their skin locks the fragrance and makes them smell good for hours. If your skin is dry, you can start by moisturizing your skin before you spray the perfume. Some scents even come in lotion form, so you can opt for that. But if it doesn’t, then an unscented moisturizer would be your best ally.

A lot of people use Vaseline petroleum jelly to ensure the fragrance lasts. You can dab a little petroleum jelly on the pulse points and then spray your perfume on top of it. The perfume notes stick to the jelly longer than dry skin. You will smell good throughout the date with just a few sprays.       


3.       Apply after a shower:

Another unique way to use the perfume is by applying it right after you shower. It can work even better if you have taken a hot shower. When you take a long and hot shower, it opens up the skin pores, and then if you apply the perfume, your skin can absorb the fragrance in a better way. Besides that, your skin still has moisture right when you step out of the shower. It will help lock the scent. You can also avoid staining your precious clothes by not spraying perfume on them.   

4.       Avoid rubbing it:

A majority of people spray a scent on their wrists and then immediately rub the wrists together. If you do the same, it can be the primary reason why your perfume faces away quickly, and so does your confidence. Rubbing also breaks the molecules of the perfumes, which diminishes the fragrance into thin air. When you are going for your next date and need to smell fresh, it is best to avoid rubbing it in, whether you are using the perfume on your wrists or any other body part. Simply spray the perfume and let your skin absorb it.        


5.       Spray both on body and clothes:

While some people believe it is best to spray perfume directly on the skin, others prefer applying it on clothes to smell good for longer. You can go ahead and use perfume on both your clothes and body as a sure shot way. When you spray it over clothes, the fibers in the clothing can absorb the scents and hold it for a long time. Even if the fragrance on your body fades away, your clothes might still smell good even after washing them. For your next date, you use this way to make a lasting impression.   

Final thoughts

The mere thought of going on a date can be enough to make anyone nervous. If you are anxious about your next date, smelling good may give you just the confidence boost you need. Keep the above points in mind when getting ready for the date. Use the perfume the right way to smell good and have a great time!