5 BEST Things To Do In Oahu With Kids

One of the best gifts you could give your kids is the gift of adventure, letting your little ones and even the not-so-little kids experience life away from home, live differently, enjoy the outdoors, and learn new ways of life and different people and cultures in the new destinations. Now, if you consider all these travel benefits, not to mention the guarantee of expansion of their world, their acceptance of differences in society, improved mental and physical wellbeing, you will agree with us that despite the challenges that come with traveling with kids, such trips and adventures are worth it all in the end.

Oahu is one of the best travel destinations for families, and regardless of the ages of your kids, this travel destination guarantees that you will have the best time. But with the promise of mind-blowing adventures comes the challenge of picking a few places or a few activities to engage in out of the wide variety of options at your disposal. One look at the list of recommendations of the best things to do and places to visit in Oahu, either from the travel agency you work with or just online when you Google will reveal tens of options for you to choose from, one more interesting than the last. All these options can be very confusing. But we understand that you don’t have the time to do all those things; hence our list of the 5 best things you could do with your kids in Oahu.

Here are your 5 best options for things to do in Oahu.

  • Go Hiking in Waimea Valley

Boasting over 31 mindblowing experiences, Waimea Valley is one of the best places for you to go have fun in Oahu. It boasts one of the most scenic hiking trails that lead to the Waimea Falls. The waterfalls and the hike to the falls make an excellent outdoor activity for the entire family, with the gentle hikes on paved paths leading to the natural spring waterfalls suitable for kids of all ages.

Besides the beauty of the falls, Waimea Falls also of great spiritual significance as it boasts over 700 years of Native Hawaiian history. As expected, this one of those things that makes this destination touristy, meaning that you may want to set off for the hike a little early.

This trip around Waimea Valley offers more than the waterfalls as you get to experience beautiful and welcoming reconstructed ancient villages, sights of spectacular indigenous birds and the most vibrant of orchids, not to mention the richly historical archaeological.

You may be thinking – the hike sounds fun and all, but what happens when the babies feel tired and sleepy? Well, here is some good news –you can carry your stroller on the hike. You could also use a wagon to cart things like the swim gear, snacks, lunch, towels, etc. So, while learning about the local cultures, spotting unique birds, or smelling and picking flowers, with swimming in between, you still get to enjoy the best that Oahu’s Waimea Valley has to offer.

Just make sure you carry extra full-length ponchos because it may rain. Also, don’t forget to carry your water shoes. Also, for improved connectivity at the valley, making sure that you know the weather has to offer for the day, or where to find different things and places, internet access is crucial; which is where techprojournal comes in. With the top-rated wireless internet devices, you will have easier access to different items available locally; and this also means that you will find the best rates. 

  • Explore the North Shore

The North Shore in Oahu offers more than you could ever bargain for from one destination, and it is, without a doubt, a complete tourist destination in itself, as it offers such a wide variety in natural wonders and a wide array of fun, resort activities.

At the North Shore, some of the fun things to do include indulging in the fabulous tuck foods, specifically the shrimp, snorkeling with the turtles, surfing, and best of all, you get to experience serene beach life in some of the best beaches that Oahu has to offer.

  • Indulge in Matsumoto Shave Ice

Nothing beats the taste and the refreshing feeling of shared ice, and Oahu offers some of the most refreshing and flavorful shaved ice at the Matsumoto Shave Ice. Established back in 1951, this ice spot is one of the perfect places for you to visit, especially when looking for a nice pick-me-up and a nice little downtime. With dozens of flavors to choose from and scenic, historic Haleiwa towns to explore while enjoying your flavored shaved ice, this part of the trip will make you feel as if you were in this magical place you never wish to leave.

  • Make a trip down to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum.

Not everyone is into museums, and at first, you’ll convince yourself that you are only doing it for the kids, but the truth is that this museum is very educational with exciting bits of information and sights befitting the entire family. And with its easy access to and from Oahu's leading family hotels, you get to easily plan your day at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum.

Considering the historical significance of Pearl Harbor during World War II, this museum is the biggest historic destination in Oahu. You could also explore Hangar 37 & 39, Aircraft Collection, and the Control Tower.

Interestingly, this museum has been named the Number 1 Historical Spot that is Worth Traveling For. There are numerous activities and tours offered at the museum, making it an excellent place for a day’s trip.

You could complete this trip by going down to the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, where you will be able to visit the USS Arizona Memorial, paying your respect to the soldiers who lost their lives on the fateful day.

  • Attend the Hawaiian Luau

Looking for something quintessential about Oahu or Hawaii in general? Don’t miss out on the Hawaiian Luau. It is entertaining; family-friendly, even that will leave your faces beaming as your kids learn about the uber-vibrant Hawaiian cultures through the entertaining, traditional dances, which they could also take part in.

And with Luaus hosted in different parts of the island, you wouldn’t have to stress too much about missing out on the event.


There are countless wonderful things that you could do in Oahu. These 5 are only some of the few options you could choose to engage in. The best part is that your family and kids will thank you for the trip.