Improve Your Wellbeing, Just By Changing these 3 Things

1.Bring Nature Into Your Home

Wellbeing may seem like just another new buzzword people use these days, but wellbeing is very important for us, it covers everything from self care, mental health and even getting enough sleep. After the year we’ve all had we’re sure all of us could do with a bit of self care and a wellbeing boost.

So, today we’re going to help you improve your wellbeing by showing you some simple changes you can make around your home to help boost your mood, improve your health and keep you happy! We’ve found some simple tasks you can do to help use your home to improve your wellbeing!

The first change to make in your home, is to invite nature into your home. We know that sounds very ‘Disney Princess’ but please bear with us here. Studies have shown that being exposed to nature and natural colours has positive effects on your mental wellbeing and that’s before considering some of the health benefits having plants in your home will bring.

So, simply bring some nature into your home, find some beautiful flowers or plants that you can take care of and scatter them around your home. Having flowers and plants around your home will end up boosting your mood and keeping you happy!

2. Black Out Light Leakage For Better Sleep.Sleep

is one of the most important factors in our wellbeing, getting a good night’s sleep prepares you for the day ahead, allows your body to rest and regenerate, as well as helping your mind be more active. Furthermore, getting bad sleep has a long list of negative impacts to our physical and mental health, so getting good sleep is important.

A way to get better sleep according to DotcomBlinds is to block out light pollution from the outside world with blackout blinds. These specialist blinds will stop light leaking into your bedroom, creating a darker environment for you to sleep in. This will result in you finding it easier to fall and stay asleep to ensure you get a solid night’s sleep.

3. Banish Clutter From Your Home

Onto our next change, removing clutter. While it’s normal to not have a perfectly clean home all the time, having clutter around your home can result in increased stress levels and have a poor impact on your mental wellbeing.

So to resolve this, cut down on clutter around your home as much as possible, try make sure that appliances have a cupboard or a box they can live in when not being used and try deal with any large trash (like empty parcel boxes, pizza boxes etc) as quickly as possible to maintain a clutter free

Black Out Light Leakage For Better Sleep