10 Reasons Why Traveling With Your Best Friend Is A Must!

On one hand, visiting an astonishing faraway destination enables you to clear your mind, take stock of your life, and try new experiences. On the other hand, talking with your best friend about a stressful issue in your life makes the problem go away and you become happy all over again. Now think of what would happen to your problems if you traveled the world together with your best friend. It would be quite awesome, right? Here are 10 more reasons why traveling with your best friend is a must:

  1. It’s easier to plan

No one knows you better than your best friend and no one knows your best friend better than you. When planning your trip together, therefore, it will be easier and fun-filled. If there is a destination you’ve always wanted to visit but you don’t seem to remember it when making your bucket list, he/she will remind you of it because she knows about it. Deciding which accommodation to go for will also be very easy when you bring your minds together.

  1. And pack

Maybe you are already sharing clothes and shoes with your best friend. Traveling with your favorite person, therefore, means less packing. And in case you forget to pack something, your buddy is there to remind you. You will be sharing tissue paper, toothpaste, and a host of other items, so none of you will have huge luggage.

  1. Your duo is unstoppable

The rude people you can’t deal with during your trip, your friend can take them head-on. There are situations that freak your friend out but that is a cup of tea to you. In a nutshell, you two complement each other to a tee. 

  1. It is a perfect way of cultivating your friendship

You will be out there, just the two of you - away from your other mutual friends. You will be having fun together and knowing each other even better. Every day you are out there making new memories and helping each other out in case of any inconveniences. By the time you will be coming back, you certainly will have a stronger bond than what you had before you left. 

  1. Everything you do together is an adventure

Wherever you go, you will bring the fun with you, even if the place isn’t necessarily fun. A simple act of crossing the road together will seem like an adventure. Taking pictures of one another will be more fun than when you are forced to ask a stranger to take your photos when on a solo trip.

  1. You can be yourself around your BFF

Your best friend will not judge you if you decide to travel back in time and act childish for a few minutes. If you decide to be ridiculous, she will join you so that you don’t end up feeling ashamed. If you are making a fool of yourself in public, she will ensure that you don’t end up getting embarrassed. She got your back in all situations!

  1. Your friend helps you to spend within your budget

Maybe you are insisting on buying a souvenir that you clearly don’t need, or on buying a shoe that you already have back home. When the temptation is too much, you can easily give in. Except when your BFF is around! He/she will respectfully talk you out of the temptation without being harsh like your parents would be. She won’t judge you either. 

Take a case of when you two visit Italy, and you are insisting on a paid tour. Your friend will probably seek to find the best available Italian tour at quite an affordable price in which you both will have the time of your life. 

  1. The pinch of travel delays isn’t too much

Travel delays can be a pain in the neck. If you miss your connecting flight, for example, you can sweat all night and curse the airport staff all day. But if this happens with your buddy around, you will have someone to chat with and find quick solutions. The pinch isn’t as painful.

  1. You get content to joke about

Did your friend overeat at a food festival and had to spend the night in the bathroom? Did she use the wrong foreign word to ask for direction? All these are things you two will be joking about when you come back home. It will be fun, really.

  1. It is a good foundation for actualizing your other life goals

You obviously have many life goals together. One of the goals is probably that you will travel the world together someday. Now that you have made it happen, you will find it easy to work on the rest. 


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