What is the future of cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a quickly developing field that was considered very insignificant by the majority of the people a few decades back. It is safe to say now that cybersecurity has finally found its place in the world, or rather, hackers have helped people to see the importance of cybersecurity and to take it seriously. To that end, this field has become a highly popular one in the present day scenario, with Certified Ethical Hacking becoming one of the top 15 IT certifications. However, what can one say about the future of this industry? Will it still be in high demand? Will it expand? Will it sustain the changing technology? Let us discuss some of these speculations about this golden field below.


It will be in crazy hot demand

If studies are to be believed, then cybersecurity will remain in hot demand even for the years to come. When a digital crisis like the WannaCry ransomware attack of 2017 hits, people realize the importance of cybersecurity and it results in a sharp uptick in the field. Hackers are always finding out more sophisticated and advanced ways to breach into the most secured organizations, whether for financial gains, political reasons, or cyber warfare. It will not be wrong to say that cybersecurity has yet to see its shining moment. Just like in 2020, when a pandemic has made us realize the true importance of efficient healthcare systems, a digital pandemic will make us realize the true value of cyber security systems.


It will become mainstream as a profession

Continuing from the above point, cybersecurity has yet to become a mainstream profession. The Information Age is all about technology and we can see the growth spurt of Information Technology companies everywhere around us, in the past decade. The rate at which software is being developed does not match the rate at which all this software is being secured. And this is due to the fact that there is a big talent crunch in the job market of cybersecurity professionals. Ethical hacking training might be popular enough in students, but what about computer forensics and network defense? Hence, the coming years will see the slow rise of cyber security from an offbeat to a mainstream profession.


It will be more challenging and advanced

The digital world stops for no one. Inventions arise mostly out of necessity, and our necessities keep on increasing every single day. Now that we have seen what machines can do for us, we want our life to be more and more convenient than yesterday. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are leading examples of this. As machines become smarter and more sophisticated, their security will have no choice but to adapt to their level. We can expect cybersecurity professionals to keep evolving with the changing trends, vulnerabilities, and methods of hacking. The syllabus of cybersecurity courses will also quickly adapt to these changes.


There will be more at stake

Lastly, the property that is protected by cybersecurity experts will become more and more valuable. Have you noticed how valuable data has become today? This was not the case a few years back but today data is gold. The more data you have, the more valuable you are to other businesses. And our lives are just beginning to become more connected. A lot of the appliances and devices in our house are still not connected to the internet. The real blend of virtual and real-life is yet to happen. Keeping in line with these trends, we can safely say that data will become even more wide, deep, and significant in the coming times. And when that happens, there will so much at stake that cyber security will 100% become an essential part of our lives.