Top 10 Tips for an Ideal City Break with your Partner

Are you planning a city break with your special other? While planning your trip can bring you mixed feelings of dread and delight, going a few days abroad as a couple for the first time can represent an important milestone for any relationship. Even though you might experience anxiety because you're leaving the comfort zone, you can use the pressure to create a romantic experience for your partner. 

Keep reading to discover my top 10 tips that you should follow if you want a dream city break:

1. Choose a new destination you're both interested in

Now, you might already know your hometown like the back of your hand. That's why the first mini trip with your partner should be focused on making new memories and have fun. As a rule of thumb, try to avoid destinations where you went with your ex. Old feelings might come out, and you will subconsciously make toxic comparisons that might interfere with your well-being. 

Before you say no to any prepositions your partner has because it sounds stupid, remember that compromise is at the core of any successful relationship. Choosing a destination that attracts both of you will motivate you to keep trying new things. For instance, if you're a beach person, but your partner likes visiting cities more, choose a destination like Barcelona, which offers both of these tourist attractions.

2. Have a map ready

While technology allows us to have a map with a tap of a button, you can never be sure that a roaming internet connection will work in the country you're visiting. Therefore, investing in a physical map is a great idea. It helps you navigate the city with ease and never miss out on any tourist attraction.

3. Make a plan but don't be tied to your initial itinerary

Being spontaneous might sound more romantic than having a to-do list, but frequently, reality rarely coincides with your fantasy. Therefore, instead of making a thorough plan with all the possible details, just talk to your special other, decide your priorities for the city break, and try to stick to those. 

Also, if you're planning to do something out of the ordinary, like a once-in-a-lifetime adventure or visit the Empire State Building, make sure you book in advance. There's no mood killer like walking around looking for a touristic attraction that is available with no success.

4. Think of some entertaining activities 

Visiting landmarks and eating at fancy restaurants can become boring eventually, so think of some entertaining activities that can be done in the comfort of your hotel room, like reading a good book, relaxing with some bitcoin gaming, or even playing some board games. No matter what you enjoy doing in your free time, make sure you prepare some activities for the cooldown moments of your trip.

5. Create your budget with respect to the lower-income partner's possibilities

Money should never be a topic of argument in a relationship. To avoid those, especially during a city break, make sure you set a budget that coincides with the partner's income possibilities that earn less.  

If the higher earner insists on staying in four or five-star hotels, he/she should be the one who covers the difference. But never mention this in an argument, as it would immediately backfire, and the fight will escalate.

6. Don't spend all your time drinking

While I have nothing against the casual glass of wine after dark, getting drunk every night is a bad idea when going on a city break. The main reason why you should avoid drinking often is that you will not feel 100% the next day, meaning that you will miss out on activities just because you had too much alcohol last night. On top of that, the prices for alcohol in tourist destinations tend to be a little high, and additional expenses are unnecessary.

7. Talk about interesting or taboo subjects

Couple vacations are about connection. So, why not find a moment to talk to your special other about spiritual matters or even taboo subjects you tend to avoid. You'll find out that words come out your mouth easier when you leave your comfort zone, so the city break is an excellent opportunity for you to connect with your partner and discover new things about him/her.

8. Road trip? Remember to set the navigation in advance

If you plan on going on a road trip instead of taking the plane, remember to prepare the navigation on the car so that you won't have any disputes regarding the right directions. Additionally, you can mark down some landmarks you want to stop by during your trip. This way, you will create an advanced route that will show you the exact locations you should stop.

Another excellent tip for the road trip is having your favorite music so that you can enjoy your time with your special other even more!

9. Relax 

Even though the tips mentioned above are less obvious, the most important thing is to enjoy the time spent with your partner and relax. Of course, purchasing some spa tickets or booking a hotel room with a jacuzzi will bring additional joy to both of you!

10. Take pictures of your couple adventures

Having memories of all your adventures is excellent, but don't forget to ask other tourists or locals to take pictures of you together. Another idea is investing in a selfie stick that might be a bit silly, but you can quickly immortalize some photos of both of you with ease. No matter how you take the pictures, it's essential to remember the city break together!


Final thoughts

I know that some of the tips might not suit your style, so you shouldn't be too tense in applying them. At the end of the day, it's important to be yourself and avoid getting into a fight with your partner over small things regarding the planning of the city break. Have fun and love each other!