Tips on Choosing Sex Toys: A Guide for Those Who've Never Bought Sex Toys Before

Buying a sex toy can be confusing. This guide will help you find the best strapon and tips for first-time pegging.

Pegging has become increasingly popular among couples in recent years. But what is pegging? This is a new sex trend where a woman penetrates a man using a strapon. Pegging allows you to stimulate your partner's prostate, an often-overlooked erogenous zone. To do this, you need the best sex toy.


What to Consider When Buying a Sex Toy

Sex Toy Features 

The goal is to find a sex toy that's both comfortable and enjoyable. For first time pegging, it's advisable to go for one that your partner can easily take. If you want clitoral stimulation while pegging, go for a lush sex toy specifically designed for that purpose.

Also, go for a sex toy with a flared base for it to fit into the harness. If you want a strapon for 'packing,' a soft dildo is the best choice. But for penetration, go for a firm one. Rigidity ensures that the sex toy doesn't slip out during pegging.

Do you want a dildo that looks like a penis or a less realistic one? Which color do you want it in, and do you want a vibrating one or not?


Look for a harness that can accommodate different sex toys. It should also be simple to use. You don't want a complicated harness that will take a lot of fumbling to get it on. It should be adjustable so that it can fit well. The material used should be comfortable; go for nylon or leather.

There are three different harness styles; boxer, thong, panty, and jock-strap style harnesses. It's important to choose a harness style that will make you feel sexy.

Remember that unlike a real penis, you can't feel the sex toy. So you might miss out on signals from your partner. But if the harness fits properly, and your dildo is tight against you, you'll be more in sync with him.


Most luxury male sex toys come with special boxes and pouches that you can use to store them individually. If your sex toy doesn't come with a pouch, you can use a simple cardboard box, socks, or envelope. When storing your sex toys, be careful not to store them together as they can be reactive. Please don't mix them up, or they will start looking melted.

Types of Male Sex Toys

This is the most important consideration when choosing the best pegging strapon. There are two types; porous and non-porous sex toys. You can also check out Sizegenetics before and after for a penis extender. 

Porous Sex Toys

Porous sex toys are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rubber, Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), latex, jelly, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), silicone blends, Cyberskin, and thermoplastics.

Porous oral sex toys attract dirt and bacteria. When used without a condom, microbes attach to it, and when used when taking a bath, even if it's water-resistant, molds will develop. This makes it a great incubator for bacterial infections like yeast and other diseases.

Some porous sex toys contain phthalates, a compound that can trigger an allergic reaction or cause serious health problems. Although TPE, silicone blends, and TPR don't release chemicals into the body, you still can't fully sterilize them.

How to Avoid Porous Sex Toys

  • We recommend buying the best male sex toy from trusted sex toy stores and companies.
  • Do extensive research on the manufacturer. Trustworthy brands display product information on their websites. Also, check for reviews from sex toy testers and people who have used it.
  • Ask for help at the sex toy store. If you're feeling overwhelmed, ask for help from the staff. Salespeople are knowledgeable and can answer all your questions. Most sex toy stores have sex toy workshops. This way, you'll be able to familiarize yourself with how a sex toy works.
  • You can also use trusted online websites to find more information.

Non-Porous Sex Toys

These include wood, ABS hard plastic, stone, metal, ceramic, borosilicate glass, pure silicone, and specially treated wood sex toys. They are safe and can easily be disinfected. They also don't have pores, so they can't trap bacteria. Non-porous sex toys usually come with a boy safe label, so watch out for it.

Tips for First Time Pegging

It can be scary and intimidating trying pegging for the first time, but if you prepare well, you'll bring yourself and partner to new orgasmic heights.

Talk about It

Pegging can be a vulnerable experience. Wearing a strapon or getting pegged for the first time can be an emotional experience. Communicate constantly with your partner on what feels good.

Be patient. If you push him, his body will tighten up, making anal play uncomfortable. Let him guide the experience. Try to make him comfortable and relaxed.

Be open and honest with your partner. Ask them questions about what they like. Which positions are they comfortable with? Take a more playful approach for your first time and experiment with different movements and angles. Tease, explore, and discover each other and try to enjoy this new experience.

Start Slow

It can be weird using a sex toy first, so take your time to get used to it. To bond with your new appendage, wear it while doing non-sexual activities. You can watch TV, vacuum, wash dishes, and other mundane household chores. The more time you spend wearing it, the more comfortable you'll be.

Once you're ready to use it with your partner, go slow. Let them get used to you with it. You can wear it when making out or just cuddling. You can also use it as a tongue sex toy and let him blow you. When you're ready for pegging, use a lot of lube. Let your partner get used to the sex toy before starting to thrust. Don't go overboard at first; keep it subtle until you get the hang of it.


Change positions if necessary. It's easier to thrust in the doggy position and doesn't need a lot of strength, while missionary style allows you to grind against your partner. You can also ask your partner to ride you. This position presents you with a view you have probably never seen and allows your partner to control pegging speed and angle.  

Lots of Foreplay

Like any other sex, pegging requires foreplay. You need to prepare your partner well before attempting to penetrate him with the sex toy. Arousal changes how pain feels, as it dampens down the pain sensors. So warm him up, turn him on, massage the anus, and apply a generous amount of lube before going in.


Pegging is a fun and sexy experience. It can help bring you closer to your partner, to understand them better, and spice up your sex life. Choosing the right sex toy is essential to enjoying your pegging experience. Follow our guide to find the best pegging sex toy. Let us know if you have ever tried pegging. Did you like it? What do you know now that you didn't?

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