Sydney Travel Options: The Best Way To See The City

If you are planning a trip to Sydney, Australia in the near future, there is much to consider, as there are many interesting places to see. The best possible way to see and experience this part of NSW is to book a helicopter tour. Typically, a helicopter tour takes about 90 minutes, which would involve a few low passes along the Sydney Harbour Bridge, taking in the Sydney Opera House, then flying along Bondi Beach before the pilot turns left and heads for the Blue Mountains.


Hunter Valley


The Hunter Valley is the number 1 region for Australian vineyards. Part of the helicopter tour is fine dining at one of the best vineyards and restaurants, where you can sample some of Australia’s wines. This fertile region is stunning when viewed from the air and you can integrate the helicopter flight with a ground tour in a 4WD, making for the perfect way to spend a day in the best part of Sydney.


Blue Mountains


The stunning Blue Mountains are a highlight of touring the area and within a few minutes of landing, you and your group will be transferred to a 4WD truck that takes you on a tour of the region, which includes the famous Three Sisters rock formation, the Katoomba Waterfalls and Kedumba Valley. After spending most of the day enjoying the tour, you would return to the helicopter for the return journey, which involves a different route than the one you experienced on the outward journey.


Online Solutions


If you would like to learn more about scenic helicopter rides over Sydney, a Google search will help you to locate an established helicopter hire tour provider and they would have many packages ranging from a short flight to a day trip with lunch included. There will be a package that suits you and if you are planning to go in the summer months, make sure you book the helicopter tour well in advance, as the tours are very popular with locals and tourists alike.


Shared Trips


If you are alone or with one other person, you can share the trip with other passengers, as the helicopter can accommodate up to 6 people. If you have a large group, you can ask the tour operator if they can accommodate your party. In the event you book 1 or 2 seats on the tour, the operator would confirm once other people book the same flight and you can prepare for what will certainly be the trip of a lifetime flying over the Sydney area.


Night Flights


It is possible to book a night flight over Sydney, which is an amazing experience that takes you over the busy city that is illuminated, making for an unforgettable flight. All it takes is a c to locate the website of a helicopter tour operator, and you can browse the many packages and book something that works with your preferred dates.


Great Photography


A scenic flight over Sydney offers a unique opportunity to get some great video and images of the best views of the city, so make sure you have your digital camera and plenty of memory space. Many professional photographers charter a helicopter to get some great images and film, and the pilot will always try to give you the best photo opportunities.