Mutual Masturbation: The Hottest and Most Intimate Thing You Can do With Your Partner

If you're looking to spice up your sex life, you're in the perfect place! Forget the naughty stewardess costume, and stop accidentally ruining the moment by looking for a keyset to unlock those handcuffs. We're here to give you all the details about the hottest and most intimate thing you can do with your partner that's equally arousing and exciting. Joining the mile-high club was hot in the 90's - let's leave it there, and we will tell you about how you can re-spark that fire of intimacy or simply try out something new!

There's always a first in life- whether it's you experimenting with your sexuality, playing around with sex dolls, or engaging in mutual masturbation- that's what life is and should be all about. Make sure to always engage in sexual activity safely and with consent- other than that, be prepared to never get out of bed because we will tell you about the hottest game-changer in the world of intimacy- so you might not ever want to stop!

"Masturbation is an act of self-love" - forget that phrase and discover an entirely new meaning of masturbation. Combine your solo fun with your partner, and you'll see precisely why they say that it takes two to tango. Are you ready to experience a game-changing amusement with your S/O? 

What Is It?

Mutual masturbation doesn't require a lot of wording to describe the mixture of romance and kinkiness involved. But to simplify it, it's just a combination of your personal enjoyment, combined with your partner watching you (and vice-versa). Some couples incorporate adult toys into this too, such as the se doll, to heighten each other's pleasure.

Why Mutual Masturbation Is The Spice Your Relationship Needs?

Mutual Pleasure

One of the best things in life is sex and the joy it provides you with, but only you know what you like the most, and sometimes it might be hard for your partner to do exactly that. That's why somewhere, someday, someone came up with the idea of mutual masturbation- let's take a second to praise them. It's a genius combination of you enjoying yourself in every way you desire, with the extra thrill of being watched by your partner, and you watching them. 


Everything in life can be a chance to learn, and this is no exception! You can see what your partner enjoys, and they can see what you do. This way, you may just heat your full-on sex life with the newly acquired knowledge - knowing exactly what they like, how they like it, and if they like it. You might even want to try mutual masturbation with an inner motive of showing your partner exactly what you want them to do- and with the addition of some sound, we bet they'll understand just how much you like it. 

An Introduction to What Else Could Come

Mutual masturbation can be an excellent introduction for further experiments you might want to experience- but you never knew how to initiate it. Maybe it's some sex toys that you want to introduce to the bed, or perhaps even a sex doll? There is a starting point for everything in life, and we can undoubtedly say mutual masturbation is a great introductory point for those to come. 

How to Initiate It?

You know your partner best, so don't stress out over it, and start it off when the mood is just right! Don't worry; we will tell you how to harmonize the perfect mood, so you can synchronize your moods (see what we did there).

Do what you always do, and what works for the both of you - but in this instance, try initiating the activity by starting off and showing your partner the fieriness they can experience just by looking at you. Tell them to start doing the same, and you'll soon find yourself indulging in the flare of intimacy while not even physically touching each other (of course, that's up to your preference!).

Set the Mood!

Whether you like starting up in the kitchen or the bedroom, bring the heat in! Intimacy has various meanings for different people; however, if you're more inclined to spice up your sex life in a romantic way, simply dim the light, put some candles on, and add a relaxing tune in the background. This should just about do the trick

In Real Life, or Virtually?

In the age of social distancing, rest assured that this activity can be done both IRL and over the phone/video. Chances are, you or your partner might just need to take a break to isolate yourself from each other if one of you was exposed to COVID. But who said the fun must stop? Mutual masturbation is not only an activity that will spice things up in person, but it can also be enjoyed over the phone! 

If you're currently living separately, why not spice things up with a couple of NSFW pictures that will exactly let your partner know what you're up for (with your full contest, of course). 

The Bottom Line

So, if you've wanted to fire up your sex life for some time already, mutual masturbation is a great way to add some sparks into your romance! It provides you and your partner with a hot and intimate experience, in addition to making you discover what the other person likes, without having to ask. So what better time to try it than now, in times of everything practically being virtual or distanced. A safe and sexy way to experiment with something you may just not ever want to let go of (but why should you!)

Get your partner in on the idea, or simply surprise them with some mood-setting tricks of yours, and get going! It might just make you re-discover the meaning of intimacy and joy.