How to Take Care of Your Jewelry Properly

It is a common stereotype that only cheap jewelry that is not made of precious metals can tarnish or deteriorate with time. But even the fine jewelry pieces will require your special attention to maintain their best look. These are the things that deserve careful handling: with proper care, they are guaranteed to achieve the status of a family heirloom and can become an impressive collection for your great-grandchildren.


Accessories come in different types, materials, and prices. However, there are some universal recommendations that will prove useful, no matter if it is iced out jewelry or the one without inlays, made of silver, gold, and other materials.

Clean Your Jewelry Regularly

Over time, any metal can fade, so it is recommended to regularly clean sterling and gold-plated silver with a soft dry cloth (flannel or suede would be the best here) to remove dirt and grease and restore shine. A damp cloth or soft toothbrush or makeup brush moistened with warm soapy water would also be suitable.


When cleaning your jewelry, try to prevent it from coming into contact with household chemicals and cosmetics. Household detergents may cause stains, discoloration, and damage to the metal surface due to oxidation. Considering the risks, it is better to add baby soap than dish soap to warm water when cleaning your jewelry pieces.


The beauty products like suntan lotions, foundations, and perfumes may affect the looks of jewelry if their interaction is prolonged.


You can try using an ultrasonic cleaner with water-based solutions to make sure your jewelry will get the best care possible. Its ability to get rid of the dirt and other unwanted elements from the most difficult places where even soft-bristled brushes are helpless is impressive.

How to Store Your Jewelry

It is best to keep your jewelry in an individual case or a special jewelry box upholstered inside with a soft fabric. The latter, as a rule, contains small storage sections for different jewelry pieces. Earrings are inserted into holes specially designed for this purpose, and rings are strung on a soft shelf. Chains are better separated and folded into a special pocket to avoid creases and knots.


It’s best to store them in a room where the humidity levels are low, there are no sudden temperature changes, and there aren’t any heaters and radiators nearby. The storage area of jewelry should be free of bright sunlight, dust, and moisture. You should separate products made of different metals from each other: chains, rings, earrings, and bracelets can scratch each other's surfaces or get tangled.


Cold and silver jewelry cannot be stored in wooden or cardboard boxes because wood absorbs moisture, darkening the metal. Another alternative is to keep jewelry in individual bags made of soft fabric (for example, organza or suede).


Jewelry with pearls and natural stones is best stored in such a way to avoid direct sunlight - so that they can retain color and shine. In addition to ultraviolet light, pearls and natural stones do not like iodized seawater, so it is better to put your jewelry away when going to the beach or wash it with fresh water and wipe dry right after.

Take off Your Jewelry When Training

The metal part of your jewelry can be scratched or even deformed, and the stones may have cracks and chips from any rough mechanical impact. Do not forget to remove your jewelry before training and other physical activities.


Besides, the exposure to high temperatures may also harm your jewelry, so it is better to remove all chains, earrings, bracelets, and rings when taking a hot bath or going to the solarium. Removing jewelry before going to bed or tidying up the house, working in the garden, visiting a cosmetologist definitely will save it from deformation that could be fixed only by a specialist.


It is clear that we sometimes are attached to things dear to our hearts and that nobody wants to always think about when to remove or put on jewelry. Still, it is crucial if you want your favorite accessories to last long and serve you well.


The origin of your favorite jewelry pieces does not matter - you’ll have to take care of them either way. The best way to keep them bright and shiny is to give them the attention they deserve and clean them regularly. Although every kind of metal or inlay requires special treatment, some tips apply to every piece of jewelry. Try to get in the habit of removing jewelry when doing activities that may harm it and wiping it after every use to prevent it from tarnishing.


Most of the time, acquiring new jewelry is an investment that can be paid off only through the years. At the same time, these are things that make us think about unforgettable memories, significant events, or loved ones, and you do not want them to darken (memories as well as the accessories). Ensure you know the basics of taking care of your jewelry and implement them daily to prevent it from losing its value.