How to Look Stylish When It Is Really, Really Cold

When the weather does not treat you well, it is hard to even think about going out, not to mention getting dressed! When the cold comes, the idea of pulling your heavy outerwear out of the closet can be unbearable. But there is no need to be so dramatic! The fall is the time to finally get cozy and comfortable.

Finding a style inspiration for autumn outfits may be problematic, but it’s still worth a try! Obviously, you can create a specific street style dashboard on Pinterest, by why not declutter your wardrobe? Find some clothes you can give a second life to. If there aren't any, try thrift shopping or visit your local vintage spots!

Remember - to look stylish does not mean to blindly follow all fall fashion trends at once. It means to find what works best for you and wear it with confidence.

Get Layered

The greatest thing about dressing in layers is that you can create a stylish autumn look using only basic things to keep you warm. With a skillful approach to making combinations, you can create a huge number of fall outfits ideas from a small number of available items.

You may associate fall outfits with the dullness of boring dark shades, mainly black, grey, brown, or vinous, which usually are very popular because of their practicality in lousy weather. Don’t forget that it’s not illegal to combine them with more saturated and even bright tints and multicolored prints! If you're not sure about printed clothes from the mass market, you can always create a customized one at sites like www.teejunction.com.au.

Sticking to the Four Colours Rule allows you to mix different shades in one look while keeping it pleasant in other people's eyes. The multi-layer approach doesn’t only cover the choice of colors but of the fabrics as well.

It is based on the play of shaped and complicated lines. A combination of fabrics of the same texture is considered classical, but you can get a casual fall outfit to look more attractive by mixing them up. Some of the great pairs are:

  • evening fabrics (satin, lace, velvet) with casual (cotton, denim);
  • dense seasonal materials (tweed, leather, fur) with light (lace, chiffon);
  • smooth fabrics (cotton) with those that have a clearly defined texture (wool);
  • matt surface of the material with a glossy one.

There is no doubt that all of these corduroy skirts, velour trousers, knitted sweaters, and cashmere tops have been waiting long enough for the past several months to be worn again! They are your go-to choices for creating cute fall outfit ideas now.

Do not neglect to mix different styles (for example, classics with the military) or unexpected pieces of clothing (long sweaters with pencil skirts)!

Get Minimal

You may also be a fan of the single-colored look or prefer your favorite casual loose knitted pullover to anything else in your closet. In that case, you might want to follow minimalistic guidelines when coming up with outfit ideas for late autumn. Stereotypically, it would mean sticking to the monochrome looks with strict silhouettes and a limited choice of accessories.

Minimalism and its perception of style mean emphasizing comfort and usability. Aren't these two characteristics the most wanted when it's getting uglier outside? Focusing on the quality and naturalness of the fabrics you wear will save you from the constant feeling of being out of place.

If you would like to simplify your fall outfits, you need to make sure you are taking care of yourself and staying warm. Give preference to long knitted dresses, oversized sweatshirts, massive knitted scarves, and wool trousers. 

Your fall outfit shouldn’t be doomed to be boring, so there is no need to give up on accessories. You can, and should use stylish handbags, noticeable rings, necklaces, or even hats! It's your choice where to put the emphasis.

Keep in mind that a minimalistic approach does not require getting rid of everything colorful in your life. It helps with getting the most out of what you already have, regardless of whether it’s your favorite carrot sweater or your oversized grey hoodie. 

The Bottom Line

Trying to look stylish in late autumn may take more effort than in warmer seasons. It is essential to prioritize protecting yourself from the freezing temperatures -- looking fabulous won’t keep you from catching a cold. However, it doesn't mean that there is nothing to be done.

Let one of the options above become the primary guide for your autumn outfit ideas. Having filled your wardrobe with basic items is a key to ensure you'll always look stylish, no matter what's the occasion. You don't have to choose only one and stick to it, because they can be implemented in a wide variety of ways. It will allow you to adapt your street style to your mood and always look fresh!