How CBD Can Reduce Acne, Anti-Aging & Other Skin Issues

After legalization, CBD has gained quite a large following - a healthy and solid backing from all corners. And yes, it has become a staple in journals as researchers try to discover more about it.

It is with good reason that Kim Kardashian, Melissa McCarthy, and Alessandra Ambrosia use it. CBD has many benefits, and skincare is one of its well-marketed uses. After all, CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, is suitable for acne and anti-aging remedy.

What is Cannabidiol anyway? It's a naturally occurring compound derived from a cannabis plant or hemp flower. It is one of the hundreds of compounds derived from this plant, including THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). But wait, isn’t this the same plant that gets people incredibly high? CBD does not have psychoactive effects, meaning it can never get anyone high.

Why is CBD Considered Suitable for the Skin: CBD Oil Skin Benefits?

Cannabidiol is armed with a plethora of properties that make it great for our skin. Since it is derived from plants, it is an antioxidant; most importantly, it’s an anti-inflammation agent.

The latter makes it great for acne because, as you know, they're caused by inflammation. Its effectiveness is reinforced by an antimicrobial property, which helps soothe irritation, moisturizes the skin, and reduce breakouts.

Interestingly, the body produces a cannabinoid (similar compound class to CBD and THC) known as anandamide. So, technically, cannabidiol for acne stimulates the production of this compound for the soothing anti-inflammatory effect.

Why CBD Oil for Acne: How to Reduce Acne?

While we've already explained what acne is, let’s go deeper. For one, we've seen that skin acne is caused by inflammation, but at its core, there are blocked pores, excess sebum coupled with inflammation.

There is a product line of cannabidiol for skincare in the market, but it doesn't hurt if you try out the best CBD massage oil. By now, it's clear that as a form of acne treatment, CBD oil will inhibit the production of excessive sebum. 

CBD benefits are relatively young, and there are ongoing studies to solidify the future of natural skincare alternatives in CBD extracts.

Is CBD Good for Anti-Aging and Wrinkles?

Most of us would give anything for the map to the fountain of youth if indeed it does exist. In short, we all wish our skins and health remained youthful for longer. But the forces of nature tend to have its way all the time.

Again, let’s bring back our attention to the antioxidant property mentioned earlier. CBD oil for skin decreases the typical conspicuous signs of aging by reducing wrinkles, firmness, ruddy skin tones, and skin dullness. 

How to Take CBD Oil?

First of all, it's good to note that another cannabis product is known as hemp oil in the market. Let's say that hemp oil is a more affordable version, mostly ideal for moisture build-up and nutrients' uptake. However, cannabidiol is the real deal, do not get confused over the two.

Secondly, CBD oil exists in three classifications:

  •       CBD isolate; just as the name suggests, this version comes clear of other addition. You'll only get the purest CBD extract.
  •       Full-spectrum; in this version, you get CBD alongside its family of cannabinoids such as minimal traces of THC and even antioxidant compounds, among others.
  •       Broad-spectrum; means that no single trace of THC can be here. By the way, for the THC to be considered in legal terms, it's supposed to be 0.3% or lower.

There are other terms that brands use to market their cannabidiol. However, you can always examine the milligram percentage. Also, watch out for the universally accepted term “cannabidiol” when buying your CBD oil for skin.

Final Thoughts

Scientists say there is still a lot to learn about cannabidiol benefits. However, the little we've learned proves that CBD is a versatile skincare product with immense skin benefits.

The fact that it is legal means you should not worry about anything. As far as natural alternatives are concerned, CBD oil is an excellent addition if you haven’t tried it already.

Its potent properties help reduce Acne and even do some justice on your aging skin. Of course, remember to always look out for CBD oil instead of other cannabis extracts such as hemp oil.