Hairline Lowering What all you need to know about

Some people have excessive large foreheads. It can result from prior surgery, loss of hair even due to genetic factors. A high forehead may bring discomfort to some people who believe it distracts what they perceive as relative features.

 Besides, a high forehead may make someone feel bad about their looks. This lowers self-esteem and confidence. But things don't have to go that way since hairline lowering offers the right solution. Do you have a high hairline? It limits the number of hairstyles you can wear to camouflage a broad forehead. 

While hairline lowering can be the best remedy to a broad forehead, it doesn't reduce your forehead. It only moves down the position where your hair will grow in. Do you have an issue with the forehead? Ensure to get hairline lowering from an expert. That will help to advance your frontal hairline up to a given distance.

Who are well-suited candidates seeking hairline lowering?

  • Any person with a flexible forehead skin
  • Men with no history of hair loss but have a thick hairline.
  • Women with a broad forehead and high hairline
  • Women candidates are ideal for hairline lowering compared to men.

Types of procedures used in hairline lowering

  • Grafting hair

This is a vital procure when it comes to hairline lowering. An expert grafts hair in front of your hairline. You may undergo this procedure as an independent way of reducing your forehead. The procedure increases your hair beyond the natural hairline. If you are looking for a non-surgical hairline lowering process, you can consider this one.

  • Surgical hairline advancement 

If you opt for this procedure for hairline lowering, be ready for surgery. An expert undertakes surgery on your forehead to help solve the forehead issue. The process involves removing part of your skin next to the hairline. But it shouldn't be more than two up to three centimeters in terms of thickness. 

Once your expert removes the excess skin, the remaining part is stitched back, and that lowers your hairline. This process will leave you with a scar. But you can hide it through hair grafting.

Things to keep in mind before hairline lowering

  • Some medicines will affect your healing process. Ensure to avoid taking them two weeks before surgery.
  • You should not take salty foods and alcohol since they may lead to swelling and fluid retention.
  • Learn from the internet or talk to your doctor to know about precautions you will have to observe. That can help to eliminate infections and blood clots.

Post hairline lowering care

After the procedure, you will have to observe several things to aid recovery and a better outcome. The care involved includes

  • Avoid alcohol and smoking at least for one week after your surgery. They can slow down your healing process.
  • If you have any burning area or swelling parts due to surgery, you can apply ice to those parts. You may take painkillers but based on your doctor's prescription. 
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • You shouldn't engage in running, gym, swimming after surgery for about two weeks.
  • Avoid washing your hair for about two days after the hairline lowering procedure.
  • Ensure to take enough time to heal. Its recovery may take 7-10 days.

Your diet post hairline lowering

  • Ensure your diet is nutritious. It will help to improve healing.
  •  Keep off drinking and smoking.

Benefits of hairline lowering

Can help to hide the scar

After hairline lowering surgery, you will have the scar. But the scar tissue will be disguised behind your hairline. Hair may regrow through the scar or in front, making it hard to detect unless your hair is wet.

Hairline lowering gives you instant results

The surgery guarantees you immediate results that may take about two years to get for a hair transplant. Hairline lowering procedure is quick and takes a short time to heal.

It improves your looks

Have you been worrying about your looks? That will not be there any longer with hairline lowering. The procedure will reduce a high forehead look and restore balance. You can rest assured that it will give you good looks on the face. 

Hairline lowering is an outpatient procedure

Are you looking for a simple yet effective way to improve your forehead? Hairline lowering will be the best option. You will recover within a short time compared to other cosmetic surgeries. The procedure can be offered in an outpatient setting. But if you see faster healing, you may decide to stay overnight. You don't keep off your routine for long after surgery.

It's a one-time cost procedure

Are you scared about the cost of hairline lowering? No need for that since you pay only once for a one-stage procedure. You won't incur any aftercare costs. Many products are in the market to lure you to solving forehead and hairline issues. Don't waste your money on them. Go for the best solution, and that's the hairline lowering procedure. 


If you have any issue with your forehead, hairline lowering can be the best option. All you need to do is visit an expert to take you through the surgery process and get your dream hairline. The procedure is favorable because you will recover within a short time and begin your routine.