Essential Summer Staples To Fill Your Wardrobe

Things are heating up in the southern hemisphere after some pretty tumultuous weather for a lot of us. As such, we’re ready to get out in all of our great clothes for the great weather. However, if you find your wardrobe a little lacking in looks you want to show, where do you start? Get back to the basics with the staples, of course.


The right shorts

You don’t have to have the total confidence to pull off a part of Daisy Dukes in order to wear a pair of shorts around town. Keep things a lot more casual with a pair of crossover shorts. They’re perfect for those simpler ensembles, allowing you to have a quick and easy, but still stylish outfit embracing a little more in the ways of minimalism than usual.


White tops

What goes better with a denim skirt or a pair of crossover shorts than a pretty, simple, and flattering little white top? It is, by far, one of the most versatile items that you’re going to be wearing all summer, able to go with just about anything and perfectly suited for the much brighter days coming ahead. Just do extra careful of getting marks on it, as it has to go in the wash easily and often.


A pair of white jeans

You don’t have to say goodbye to denim just because the weather’s getting nice out there. Instead of wearing regular pairs, however, you should go with bright and light white jeans that go great as a contrast to softer summer patterns. Summer is the time for wide-leg and loose cuts, getting real casual with it and avoiding that uncomfortable friction.


A nice linen blouse

There are some days you want to cover up a little more, but you don’t want to be boiling in your clothes while you do. For that reason, choosing the right material is just as important as anything else. If you’re going out and need a blouse for the occasion, linen is going to be the perfect material


A good pair of shades

We do love a bit of responsible fashion, and there are few things more responsible than taking care of yourself while you’re out in that sun. To that end, a great pair of sunglasses can go with just about any outfit and even lighten the load of makeup that you have to put on. Just make sure that you’re choosing the right glasses for your face shape.


Wrap dresses

There are plenty of dresses that look and feel great to wear in summer, but if you’re really lacking in that department, then the airy yet sophisticated look of a good wrap dress is going to do you wonders. They come in all colours and skirt lengths, so whatever you feel comfortable in and whatever suits your palette, you’ll find one that works, at least.


Graphic Tees

No matter how high the temperatures get or the trends that come and go, T-shirts are the one true staple of every wardrobe. They either keep it casual with your favorite pair of high-waisted jeans, add an exciting touch to your outfit when layered under a slip-on dress or ruched top, or they become the definition of business casual when paired with your favorite summer suit. T-shirts by nature are casual, so in turn they’re going to make your look feel more casual. Slapping a graphic on that tee multiplies the casualness. Whether you're shopping for graphic tees with culture references, adorable graphics, and funny sayings, Threadheads will likely have what you're looking for.


Don’t underestimate a good wardrobe of staples. Above all else, they’re great for building outfits on top of, so keep your selection stocked.