Custom Face Masks For Children – Back To School Fashion

The world has suffered an irreparable loss at the hands of novel and deadly Covid-19 and continues to do so. The biggest loss faced was in the form of the closing of educational institutions leading to “learning loss.” Yes, it is true that different states have made educational policies and tried to cover up for the time lost by initiating online classes. However, students remained deprived of the much-needed social interactions for their personal growth. Moreover, children couldn’t receive the teacher’s attention individually; something that is only possible in a classroom setting.

The novel virus is adamant on staying, and therefore, many states have decided to ease the quarantine restrictions and allow schools and other educational buildings to re-open, granted they strictly follow guidelines and standards of procedures. This essentially includes keeping children’s health out of risk a priority.

Stay Safe Guidelines:

The CDC has published a handful of guidelines for schools following which they can keep the children safe and start the learning process.

  1. First and foremost is the use of a face mask – either surgical or fabric. The administration is advised to ensure that every child and faculty member attending the school wears protective face masks.
  2. Sanitization of the entire building, corridors, and classrooms.
  3. Maintaining 6 feet distance among children and having fewer students in a classroom.
  4. Practicing proper hand sanitization and even providing sanitizers and soaps to students.
  5. Teaching safe hygiene etiquette to reduce the spread of germs.

Importance of Face Masks & Fabric Coverings

The top safety recommendation by the CDC happens to be wearing face masks. Multiple health studies have confirmed that face masks are effective in curbing the rampant spread of the disease. For this reason, masks are a priority suggestion by the World Health Organization, as well. There are many medical masks made by different companies that are designed for children such as surgical mask Canada-made that are hypoallergenic, fluid resistant, and safe for children use.

Children’s Response to Wearing Masks

Adults being mature do not have much problem following this basic guideline. Sure, no one is keen on wearing masks but given the circumstances, hardly anyone is daring to resist the use of wearing face masks. On the contrary, convincing children to wear one can be an ordeal. They feel suffocated and confined in a face mask and tend to remove it, frequently.

Here’s How To Convince Them

 It is prudent to explain to them the importance of face masks and lead by example. Children love to mimic their adults; and when they see you comfortable with wearing masks then it will be easy for them to follow in your footsteps.

Another reason why children might not like the use of masks is that they will not be able to immediately recognize their teachers, classmates, and friends. With faces obscured, everyone looks different. Getting them used to it will take time, patience, and practice. They should be provided an atmosphere at home with other family members wearing face covers so that they are not taken off-guard at school, by the facial protective accessory.

Stir up Excitement

The best strategy to convince children to wear face masks is the use of custom face masks. Moreover, a variety of colorful garments and fabrics can be used to personalize face masks. The custom gaiters face mask by 4inbandana are a great way to engage children in designing and picking up their favorite face covering. They will reach for these masks without you having to run after them. The soft and breathy material, vibrant colors, and exciting, fun designs will attract them.

The kid-sized custom gaiter face masks are a snug fit for children’s small face and head, providing the utmost protection without causing breathing problems. These pieces are multi-purpose and can be worn around the neck or a headband when indoors.

Ready For Back to School

As the schools prepare to open you should start shopping for all the necessary school supplies for your child. Remember this time, the stationery list will include hand sanitizers and face masks in bulk.

With face masks intact, your children are ready to head over to their schools. Since they will be adorning masks of their choosing, they will not feel diffident. Once they get adjusted, they will feel in control and will also look forward to flaunting their fun face covers to their peers.