Brighten Your World With Travel

It’s time to travel again. Even if only in our minds just now. No matter your current pandemic restrictions, the time is right to begin planning for your next travel adventure. Book your dates and make a list of what to do and what to bring. The preparation will elevate spirits and whisk you away to blue skies and azure waters. Consider it a form of pandemic meditation.

The Greek Islands are gorgeous any time of the year. Cross luxury villas in Mykonos off of your bucket list. There are so many exciting and adventurous things to do on this beautiful island in the Aegean Sea. Whether you’re looking for food, culture, fun, adventure, history, or relaxation on a stunning beach, it’s all here in this one place.

Here is a delectable video to entice the food lover in you.

Remember your packing list! Planning and packing wisely will save you unnecessary headaches and wasted time spent seeking out those forgotten items when you’d surely rather enjoy your chosen destination having fun. Think about what you would like to do on your trip. Make an itinerary. Your hotel concierge will assist you with all of your activities, plans and take care of the necessary arrangements, so you don’t have to. Whether you stick to it or make changes mid-holiday, you’ll be prepared with the necessary items, just in case. 

A versatile yet fashionable and must-have item on every packing list is a pashmina. It is at once both utilitarian and en vogue. A pashmina will save space in a suitcase or, better yet, your carry-on luggage. It can be used as a wrap when cold on the plane or in the cool beach breeze in the evening. Pashminas can serve as beach cover-ups in place of a bulkier extra piece of clothing that will add weight to your bags. They can be scarves, head wraps, and even substitute for skirts should you need another article of clothing.

Of course, bring a mask. Invest in some stylish and comfortable new fabrics and patterns to match your travel wardrobe. This is a time to try out new and bold colors that you might not select in everyday life - perhaps choose a beautiful blue to match the Greek waters.

Taking a vacation is a perfect time for a refresh. It’s time to clear your mind and recalibrate your goals. Life has thrown many unique challenges to everyone lately. The simple act of traveling to a new location with different surroundings can give you balance. Right now is an optimal moment to think about your future plans and how you might achieve them. As you’re relaxing on the beach or engaging in your perfect idea of wellness, take it all in and reset your mind. Relax.

Life is short. You deserve a break and an adventure. There have been all manners of isolation, lockdowns, and quarantines over the past months. Even if you're not ready to leave the confines of your current space just yet, plan and book your trip anyway. It'll give you peace of mind and something wonderful to look forward to in your "new normal."