Blue Light Glasses – Not Just A Fashion Statement

If you had said ‘computer glasses’ to anyone 10 years ago, the first thing to come to most people’s minds would most likely be thick, yellow lenses on a ridiculous pair of awful looking frames.

Fast forward to 2020, and now Instagram influencers are showing off their stylish blue light glasses everywhere.

Spectacles are quickly becoming somewhat of a fashion statement, fuelled by a huge shift in socially held norms.

15 years ago, it wasn’t cool to be an engineer or an entrepreneur, but today, most people dream of working for Tesla, having their own business and generally crushing it in the intellectual realm.

Glasses in general, it seems, have made a huge comeback off the back of this shift in society.What Are Blue Light Glasses?

For those of you in the dark, blue light glasses are essentially clear optical lenses with a special blue light filter or yellow hue which prevents high energy blue light from reaching your eye.

Why should we be so concerned with blue light you say?

The biggest reason blue light is on our radar is due to the fact that digital devices emit a lot of blue light from their screens.

What’s so bad about blue light I hear you ask?

Well for starters it can cause headaches, and then there’s the eye fatigue, and on top of all that it can disrupt your melatonin production, which regulates your sleep cycle.

But blue light glasses don’t really work, do they?

Unfortunately, there have been a few articles circulating the internet taking this stand, and while they have everyone’s best intentions at heart, they tend to be outdated and unsubstantiated.

Blue Light Glasses – The Science

Rather than bore you all to death with lots of wording about blue light glasses and the science behind them, here’s 3 simple facts followed by a few interesting articles to get your teeth into:

  • Blue light at night interrupts the bodies natural melatonin production, which affects the duration and quality of your sleep
  • Reports from office workers suggest that people can work longer and more productively at their computer with blue light glasses
  • Eye health is important and if your eyes feel better from wearing screen glasses, it’s a good sign that you should be wearing them

This article tells the story from both sides of the argument for a balanced viewpoint.

This article warns of the dangers of too much screen time.

The takeaway from all of this – we have only been using digital devices on a population-level for the last 30 years or so, and our understanding is limited at best.

Blue blockers are a lot like sunglasses - you don’t need to wear them, but life will be a lot more comfortable on a sunny day if you do.

Eyewear Is Trending

You only have to look at some of the big films and series that have come out in the last few years to see that eyeglasses are now big news.

From Peaky Blinders to The Gentlemen, producers are spending a lot of time selecting appropriate eyewear for their characters, even having glasses specially made.

Retro frames, metal rims and chunky plastic acetate is very much on trend at the moment in the world of spectacles, so much so that the demand for non-prescription glasses has shot up substantially.

Many people see eyewear as a form of jewellery for you face, and most people will drop hundreds of pounds on designer sunglasses without hesitation.

Now it looks like there is a rising demand for high quality optical glasses and computer glasses.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Screen glasses are surging in popularity due to the simple fact that they double up as the perfect fashion accessory.

Pop them on your face for instant intellectual prominence, style approval and eye protection all at the same time.

And remember, looking good and feeling good are two very different things, but if blue light glasses can give you both of these in life, we will see this a win.