Beat the Winter Blues & Start Planning Your 2021 Getaway

It is understandable for people to be feeling blue this winter with the pandemic continuing to restrict life and bringing a great deal of stress and anxiety, along with the typical downsides that come with winter, such as shorter days and worse weather. So, how can you beat the winter blues? One good idea is to start planning the ultimate holiday for 2021 when life should hopefully start to get back to some kind of normality.

Create a Mood Board

A good way to start planning is first to create a mood board which is a fun and creative way to determine what kind of holiday you want to have. You should think about what will be important to you on this holiday and then find imagery to represent this which will help you to see the type of vacation that best fits your mood. This could be a sun, sea and sand holiday, a backpacking adventure, once-in-a-lifetime experience or a romantic getaway to a peaceful destination just as a few ideas.

Narrow it Down to 5 Destinations

A mood board is a good starting point, but you might find that it has given you dozens of potential destinations. At this stage, you should sit down and try to narrow your list down to 5 destinations so that you can work out what is best for your needs and budget and somewhere that everyone will enjoy.

Where Could be Good in 2021?

So, where might be a good place for a holiday in 2021? There will be lots of great options to consider in places all over the globe. Greece is likely to be a popular option due to its spectacular climate, gorgeous beaches and idyllic villages while Italy could be another good European choice whether this is exploring the fine cities like Rome and Florence, sightseeing along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast or a walking holiday in the picturesque countryside. Those looking to venture further afield may want to look at Japan, which is an incredible destination that features both stunning futuristic cities along with breathtaking nature along with incredible culture and cuisine.

Research the Best Time to Visit

You will also need to consider when the best time to visit will be and, of course, consider the pandemic. While there is reason to be optimistic for travel in 2021, there are still likely to be restrictions in place and some areas will be worse affected than other so this will need to be factored into your decision.

This winter will be a gloomy one as the pandemic continues, but now could be a great time to start planning a holiday for 2021 when travel will hopefully be easier and life will begin to return to some kind of normality.