A Recipe for a Cozy Autumn Day-Off

Should the day off be planned? Sure! Only then will you be able to prepare yourself for true relaxation. Otherwise, you will spend the day in front of the TV and other time vampires that, unfortunately, have no chance to put you in a good mood. So get up as soon as you feel rested and immediately start the day with interesting activities. Make this day as colorful and pleasant as autumn itself!

Autumn is the perfect time of the year to organize your days off from work and enjoy the rich and colorful landscape outside the window. You can take a trip to the park or spend a nice day at home. To inspire you, we've prepared for you the best ideas for spending your day-off. Read on!


Cozy Morning in Bed

If you have a day off, you can stay in bed longer, and no one can judge you for it. We won't advise you not to set your alarm clock, but give yourself an additional hour or two of sleep that day. To make your morning pleasant, make yourself a cup of coffee, and come back to a perfect place under the blanket to read your favorite book. Thanks to this, you will immediately feel happy and start a new day with a smile. When it comes to your bed, it is good to choose one of the best adjustable mattress bases so that you can sit comfortably while reading.

To make your morning even better, you can prepare essential oils the day before and sprinkle them on your pillow for better sleep. Lavender oil works wonders and makes the night pass on quality sleep, after which you’ll feel fresh and rested in the morning.


Prepare Home Decorations

As soon as you get out of bed, do not forget to go for an autumn walk where you collect colorful leaves to decorate your home. Pay particular attention to the large maple leaves that take on beautiful red, yellow, and golden colors. You can then simply place them in a beautiful vase or make various decorations out of them.

If you are passionate about nature, it will be a great idea to make a herbarium. A special notebook in which you will collect leaves of various tree species. It is enough to buy a large notebook with plain sheets and a hardcover. Then go for a walk or to the garden and collect the most beautiful specimens of leaves. Now check in the atlas or on the Internet what species you have hunted. Paste the leaves into the notebook, sign it, and fill with new specimens when the opportunity arises.


Comfort Food

Simply put, comfort food is food that makes us feel better. But saying that these are simply tasty meals is not enough. It influences our mood so well because it reminds us of the times when, while eating some delicacy, we felt happy and cheerful - we just felt good.

It is a bit different for everyone. For some, it will be a cheesecake baked by a grandma; for others, it will be a Sunday broth, and others will plunge into sentimental memories again, picking up a mug full of cocoa in their hands. In the autumn, warm soups with butternut squash and sweet potatoes or a vegetable stew will be the most popular. For dessert, try out the recipe for apple pie with cinnamon and hot chocolate with chili.

Home Spa

There is nothing better than ending your day with a home spa. All you need is a bathtub, hot water, essential oils, and your favorite music oozing from the speakers. Before that, buy fresh flowers, such as roses, and sprinkle their petals in the water. This will give your bath a romantic flair. Let the household members know that you are about to organize a moment for yourself so that no one disturbs you in your self-care.

While sitting in the bathtub, you can enjoy delicious red wine, and if this autumn evening is already a little colder, nothing will prevent you from preparing mulled wine for this occasion. All you need is red wine, sugar, a few cloves, a sliced orange, and lemon - and it's done!



Having a day off is a wonderful opportunity to spend time pleasantly and relax after demanding days at the office. It is also a moment that you can spend with yourself only and devote it to your passions. If crocheting is your hobby, you can crochet the leaves yourself instead of collecting them from the garden! How you spend this time depends only on your imagination and creativity.

Remember that on this day, it does not matter how much you do, it matters whether you do it with a smile. So try to take it easy, allow yourself to be lazy, and just enjoy it!