6 Fashionable Draping Styles for Party Wear Sarees

Sarees enhance the personality of any woman as they are versatile, elegant, and suitable for different body shapes. These ethnic pieces of clothing never go out of style as there a myriad of patterns, fabrics, colours, and designs present in them. Moreover, their grandeur fits into every type of occasions such as weddings, office parties, casual gatherings, festivals, cultural functions, farewell parties, and many more.

So if you are choosing the latest designer party wear sarees online for any upcoming party event, make sure you drape them with some trendy styles. Draping the sarees in different styles will not only make you look fabulous but also make you the show-stealer of the event. In this article, we have fetched six fashionable draping styles for party wear sarees which you can try to embrace and look modish at different occasions.

  • Mermaid Draping Style:

The mermaid draping style is a fusion of modern and traditional fashion which gives a beautiful hourglass shape to the feminine beauty. This style was popular in the olden days and has gained the same attention in recent years. You must choose party wear sarees with heavy borders to try the mermaid draping style. 

The heavy borders enhance the overall look as you drape them around your waist and shoulder. Additionally, sarees with chiffon and georgette fabrics are perfect for this draping style. You can carry this style to farewell parties or cocktail parties where you would like to become the cynosure of the event.

  • Belted Draping Style:

If you want to carry an edgy look to an office party or the wedding party of your close friend, then make sure you try the belted draping style. This style adds a spark to the party events as it showcases the fashion glory. It looks best on party wear sarees with monochrome shades, heavy prints, or bold shades. Plain georgette, silk, and velvet sarees with a designer border also fit well with the belted draping style.

To create this draping style, you need to add a designer belt to cinch your waist. It makes you look taller, slimmer and enhances your overall personality. You can try to pair the designer high-neck blouses with your party wear sarees if you are choosing this draping style for any party occasion.

  • Mumtaz Draping Style:

Try to create an inspiring appearance by sporting the party wear sarees in Mumtaz draping style. This style is fetched from the iconic Bollywood actress Mumtaz who rocked the saree in an old film. Mumtaz draping style is known to be one of the most sensuous styles as it highlights your curves and makes you look gorgeous. 

You can carry this style to retro-themed parties as it is done by most of the modern actresses. It consists of an eye-catching border that sits on the lower skirt drape and layers up to the two edges of the saree. Moreover, the saree doesn’t contain the basic pleats, which becomes the most impressive and fashionable part of the Mumtaz style drape. Make sure you choose a silk or chiffon designer saree with a dazzling border while trying this draping style.

  • Pants Style Drape:

If you love to experiment with different styles, then you must try the pants style drape with your ravishing party wear sarees. This is a recent trend loved by many fashionistas who want to rock the party events at their office or colleges. For getting the pants style drape, you first need to choose a plain, light and lustrous saree with exceptional prints or border designs. Next, you need to select a stylishly fitted legging instead of an underskirt and drape the saree to create a captivating silhouette. 

Besides, you can pair this style with a crop top and high heels for getting an edgy and modern look at the parties. Fewer women have picked up this trend, and thus, you can try to showcase your fashion statement by embracing it. It would also be suitable for project success parties, date nights, or cocktail parties.

  • Butterfly draping style:

If you want to grab everyone’s attention at a party event, then you must try the breathtaking butterfly style saree drape. Women with slim silhouettes can surely choose this style as it highlights the curves and body figure, which make heads turn even at busiest party events. To create the butterfly draping style, you must choose party wear sarees with designer pallus or embroidery work that elevates your front look.

You need to pleat the top part of the pallu into a thin column until it creates a fan-like or butterfly shape in the lower part. Once done, pin the top part to the shoulder and let the flowy lower part enclose your curves. This is one of the most elegant, stylish, and non-bulky draping style, which is admired by many Bollywood celebrities. So you can also try to wear it and give a fashionable vibe to the party event.

  • Neck Wrap Style:

Try the awe-inspiring neck wrap style that will give a beautiful, bold, and brave appearance to your personality. This style looks fantastic on any women if done correctly. You need to wrap the pallu of your saree around your neck instead of a scarf and pair it with some eye-catching statement jewellery. You can wear a dark shaded blouse and tie a high ponytail or a messy bun to make the best out of your look.

The neck wrap style goes perfectly with printed and designer party wear sarees. It gives you a casual yet trendy look which most of the draping style fails to offer. Moreover, it creates a contemporary twist into the traditional fashion, which would be a highlighting part of your outfit. You can carry this style to creatively themed parties, cocktail parties, grand soirees, or casual gathering.


Indian parties glam up with the sarees, and that’s when you can add a stylish oomph to both the party and your personality by trying these different saree draping styles. Remember to choose the party wear sarees that suits the particular style and pair them with the right accessories for getting an aesthetically pleasing look.