5 Creative and Funny Gadgets for Pranks

In the era of pranks popularized by many content creators on social media platforms such as Facebook or Youtube, weird gadgets are in the prime of their life. You can use certain products to maximize the outcome of your ominous plan and surprise your friends and relatives completely.


Why are those unusual tools so trendy right now? As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, pranks have become more popular than ever. It's not only what we watch online. Those funny and well-planned situations could become a way to spice up your gathering with friends or to exact revenge on your significant other. Stay with us to find the most jaw-dropping gadgets for your gags!

1. Synthetic Urine and Feces

Synthetic urine products and fake feces can be the most ominous idea for your prank. You can find many different variations of those types of gadgets online and make your relatives shocked. If you don't have an idea for your funny gag, some companies offer 'gifts with a little unexpected surprise inside'. For example, a PS5 box (without the product) with fake poop inside delivered at your door could be an excellent way to prank your significant other. Just imagine the sparkle in the eyes of your spouse or a friend once the package comes and the reaction once it's opened...


2.Potato Chips Snake in a Can 

Let's say you are having a lovely movie night with your relatives. You want to spice up this evening with a surprise. What can you do? Buy potato chips can with a surprise; once it's open, a giant toy snake jumps out of the tube. How can this little can fit an almost 6ft long mascot? All that we can say is that this will remain a mystery for all eternity. What’s more, the old "right out of the can" gadgets will never go out of style, and you can be sure that the expected results will be achieved.

3.Fake Cigarettes

As Halloween comes, fake cigarettes can be a perfect way to make your costume look more realistic. But it also can be used as a prank tool. You can pretend to smoke around your house and wait for the home dweller's reaction or suddenly take one out of the pocket to dumbfound them. On the other hand, we all know how unhealthy smoking is. No one wants us to become addicted to nicotine. So keep in mind that this gadget might not be suitable in all situations.

4.Elastic Tongue

Fake tongues have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. How is this weird gadget so trendy? That’s because those gadgets can be used in a wide variety of pranks, and they never fail to surprise the innocent bystanders. Some of the products come in different forms. For example, you can buy stretchy or realistically looking ones for making your prank unforgettable.


5.Scratch stickers

There is nothing more annoying in this world than a scratch on a brand new car. It's a total hell for perfectionists. For this reason, applying a fake scratch sticker on your prank victim’s car could be an effective method of generating panic and terror. Just imagine the face of your spouse or a friend when you take the stickers off.

6.Plastic Insects

Most of us find bugs unappealing, as they tend to jump on us out of nowhere. For this reason, pranks with plastic worms can turn out to be absolutely terrifying. You can find various types of insects online, such as cockroaches, worms, scorpions, or even furry tarantulas. By simply placing an insect on a couch, you can be sure your home dwellers will get jumpy.


7.Smelly Sprays

Weird products of this type come in various versions. You can disgust your prank victims with the smell of farts, vomits, and other unpleasant things. This is a great and invisible way to make your gag successful. So how can you use it? You can either trick your spouse into thinking that they smell really bad or spray it around the house and see what your relatives will think.


The Bottom Line

Pranks are an unusual but a great way to spice up some situations and make them more funny and unforgettable. You should definitely use the gadgets above to make your gags more realistic, as they are often the funniest as well. Try to look for some compelling products online and have fun with them! We all need some funny situations in life to forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If gags are done responsibly and are meant to improve other people's moods, there’s nothing wrong with them.


Keep in mind that gags can also be unsafe if planned irresponsibly; please take care of yourself and your relatives' health. Pranks should be amusing, not perilous. Most of us seek various forms of entertainment every day, and this can be one of them.