5 Best Audiobooks To Listen To When You Want To Zone Out in 2021

All of us are just too busy in our lives these days, always hustling to be productive. Strict schedules, long to-do-lists, and never-ending tasks can lead to complete burnout. But what about a quick literary escape while you are driving your car or going for a walk? Now, this is an idea that can never fail. We don't have the time to sit and read books or watch series in our busy lives to help us de-stress and zone out. But there is nothing to be worried about. Here are some really quirky and fun audiobooks out there that can help you zone out. You can even check out some from the litrpg audiobooks collection.

  • The Hating Game


Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman are in "hate" with each other. No, it is no ordinary dislike! Complete hatred and they don't fear showing it either. One is a Ceo of a publishing company, and the other is an executive assistant. Lucy feels Joshua is just too dull and monotonous. She doesn't get why he is so lifeless and serious about the job. The quirky nature and overly bright clothes of Lucy is something Joshu just can't tolerate. 


Tension rises between them as both of them struggle for "the promotion" that could cost them their dream job. But slowly, they discover they don't "hate" each other as much. If you are looking for that not so perfect love story filled with quirks and laughter, this is the one you would never want to miss.


 Boiling tension between Lucy and Joshua and their witty romance can capture your heart in no time. This one is one of those dazzling writings with biting humor that can seem very fresh. This breezy, not-so-mushy tale is thoroughly enjoyable and will help you zone out even in the most stressful situations.

  • Neanderthal seeks human


Jane is not your typical, girlie heroine with flicks and bangs. She is extraordinary, quirky, and refreshing, breaking all molds of stereotypical female characters. She can spurt out the most trivial facts in the most serious situations and be more awkward than a thirteen-year-old. Oh, and she hates knitting! Can you imagine the laugh-worthiness of a situation where a mess like her falls into an even bigger mess? 


Jane loses her boyfriend and apartment, where she lives all on the same day. And to spice it up a little more, she loses her job. She can't help but wonder what her torment fate has more in stock. And just how our heroine breaks stereotypes, our hero, Quinn, gets the award of the "most stereotypical male character ever." He is one of those alpha males you would usually roll your eyes at, but the author's writing here somewhat makes him likable. 


Trust us; you will hate yourself for this as much as Quinn hates himself for falling in love with Jane. He is stereotypical, and the woman of his dreams could even be nowhere close to an imperfect girl like Jane. But now he is in love, and he can't even help it. The audiobook has some fascinating supporting characters, and the entire series has some genuine laugh out loud and heart-warming moments to help you zone out in 2021.

  • Match me if you can


An empowering woman, her heart-melting bond with her over supportive best friends and the funny tale of her quirky, recycled exes. You cannot suggest a better combination for the perfect comfort read to zone out this weekend. Catherine's ex-husband and business partner is about to marry a girl younger than the jewelry pieces she has in her wardrobe. Yet, he wants his twenty-one-year-old fiancee to be installed in Catherine's business, Recyclove.com, which is a peppy website to recycle and upgrade your ex. 


The supporting cast in this audiobook is just too brilliant. Rachel who is guilty and currently battling her past romantic misadventures, and James who is super ambitious and is about to win the project in their firm. Also, Sarah can stop worrying else other than her on the goddam planet just for a change. The quirkiest part is no one really knows who is going to be traded.


 Are the chances Rachel is taking to become popular and improve herself really worth it? This one is a well-written and funny audiobook with tangled love lives and sassy friendships that can take you on a rollercoaster ride. The fancy twists in the plot make this audiobook "zone-out worthy."

  • Kulti


Twenty-seven-year-old Sal Casillas is a headstrong girl who cares nothing apart from her dream "goals" and marrying the footballer international superstar and icon, Reiner Kulti, and have a lot of soccer-playing kids with him. One of her dreams is finally getting true. Kulti himself will be her football coach, and now she wonders why she ever wished to be close with him. 


He is grumpy and reclusive and nothing like the "passionate man" image she had of him. She regrets being obsessed with him once and having his posters all over her walls. She wasn't even prepared for this version of him that brings out the murderous urges in her. 


Will she ever be able to face and accept the reality that the "man of her dreams" is nothing like what she has ever dreamt of. The funny yet brewing romance will tickle your funny bone and make your heart beat a little faster at the same time. It can be one of those perfect audiobooks to zone out with your morning coffee.

  • A court of mist and fury


This audiobook will gift you with the memories of one of the most exceptional and unforgettable female protagonists, Ferye, who is about everything crazy and extraordinary. The character is strong and has a sturdy craft and transitions throughout the book. Her lover Tamlin has done a lot for her and her family, and she could do nothing ever to repay it.


 But she feels a cost so significant as spending her entire life with a man she is not even sure of isn't worth it. Moreover, she is not even that same old girl anymore who once fell in love with him. So she sets out on her journey of exploring what her new life has got to offer her. She knows she might make a few mistakes here and there, but that doesn't scare her to take the leap.


 She is a zesty, enthu-cutlet who is all ready to get out of her comfort zone, take over the world, and live an unpredictable life. You will love her journey full of ups and downs, and the male-protagonist is as admirable and sweet that you usually expect a hero to be. Take a cup of hot chocolate, a blanket, and get ready to zone out with this audiobook on a winter evening.




Whether you are having a bad day or a super-stressful workday, you can always fall upon these audiobooks for a quick, relaxing break. All you have to do is grab your comfort food, plug in your earphones, and dive into these fun and lovely stories.You can find some even more interesting audiobooks at 10audioz.com