3 Luxurious Destinations To Add To Your Travel Wish List

While the pandemic has caused many to put travel plans on hold, those who miss traveling may find themselves daydreaming about their next vacation. With that in mind, there is a wide variety of destinations to take into consideration. From locations that boast a nonstop nightlife to those that are the definition of picturesque when it comes to natural beauty, here are just three luxurious locations to visit once the COVID-19 crisis is over.

Dubai, UAE

 For those that enjoy large cities full of high end shopping and a lively nightlife scene, Dubai is definitely one place that’s worth considering. Located on the Persian Gulf in the UAE, Dubai brings a lot to the table, allowing it to cater to a number of your vacation needs. For example, in addition to the numerous shopping opportunities, there are plenty of beaches to escape to, as well as the chance to surf sand dunes — or even sightsee the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Hidden Australian gems

When many think of Australia, sun, surf and the outback are likely to immediately come to mind. However, while it already sounds like a great destination for planning your next vacation, there’s much more to the country than that, as there’s no shortage of luxurious places to stay. For instance, at the Bedarra Island Resort in Queensland, villas hidden in the rainforest bring a unique sense of privacy — not to mention the views of the Great Barrier Reef, which allow you to soak up Australia’s natural beauty in a way that many can only dream of. Australia is full of hidden gems offering that little taste of luxury, so be sure to investigate when you're planning your next escape.

The islands of Fiji

For those who enjoy the luxurious escapism that only islands can bring, the islands of Fiji have it all. Located in the South Pacific, Fiji is an archipelago that consists of over an impressive 300 islands. With clear waters, stunning coral reefs, and breath-taking scenery as far as the eye can see, Fiji could easily be considered the pinnacle of natural beauty — making it the perfect place for those who prefer relaxing by the sea over the hustle and bustle of city life. With activities such as snorkelling, and places to visit like the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, you’re sure to stay busy while you're there.

With the COVID-19 pandemic leading many to cancel and put off travel plans until further notice, 2020 has given many the chance to plan where to go once it’s safe to travel again. For those looking for more luxurious destinations, the world has many to offer, with Fiji, Australia, and Dubai being just a few of the worthy options out there to consider.