Things to consider when building fire pits for wood decks

If you are thinking of building a fire pit in your backyard, then wait a minute! You should be careful because fire is involved in it. A common question to ask before building a fire pit that how far it should be from the wood deck? If you have no idea about it, then read more...

While some like to build it in the wood deck to get the best view, the others build it away from the deck. People have their own ideas for building it, as safety is the primary concern, and wood can catch fire. Also, If you have children in your house, you should be more careful because it can be dangerous.

Here we will suggest to you how to get started with a fire pit and a deck! Read more-

Consider city code- 

One of the most important things to consider before even thinking of building a fire pit is to research your city's rules and regulations. The fire pit can be a little dangerous because fire can spread to areas near. Individuals living near your house may not support you for building such things as fire can even cause problems for them.

 Thus, read and understand the rules carefully before starting with fire pit for wood decks.

In some cities, rules are made to keep the fire pit at a certain distance or location. Whereas in other cities, it is completely banned! Hence you need to get permission from the local fire department before beginning with it! If you build it without knowing the rules, then you may end up getting in trouble!


The idea of building a fire pit near the wooden deck is Good, but you have to think about the location once again. It will occupy an adequate space in your yard. And it should be big enough to have people gather around it. So, check whether you have that much space available or look for a location where it can be built.

Apart from that, you have to make sure that there is no flammable material nearby! Bushes, trees, and fences should be 10 feet away from it. If you want the look of real grass you could find a landscape turf solution as artificial grass is not flammable. The same goes for your house! Also, the surface where you are going to make it should be flat and shouldn't have tall grasses around!

Understand about types of fire pit-

Two types of fire pit are available- wood-burning and gas burning. Gas burning fire pits are more flexible as it can be installed in your home easily. Gas fire pits are just for the show as flames are fueled by propane. You can turn on and off the flames bcoz it is fueled by gas. It is important to note that never burn wood in the gas fire pit.

Wood burning fire pits are more authentic and smell good. You require a set up to get the fire started, but it worth waiting and investing in it! However, there is one drawback that sparks can fly out and damage the deck! Thus, you need to be very careful when lighting the wood in your fire pit.

However, this is not the case with gas burning. When choosing a fire pit, ensure a proper base, and get a fire pit ring!

Portable or permanent pit-

When building a fire pit, you need to decide whether it should be permanent or portable! If you want it to remain in your yard permanently, you can invest in permanent fire pits. But if you want it just for parties or live in a rented house, then go for portable types. It will be easy to carry them and light a portable fire pit wherever you want!

Stone and concrete surrounding- 

Whether you are going to build a portable or permanent fire pit, consider the surrounding areas have surface noncombustible. Having a surface made of stone or concrete can be the best option. Also, you can fill the areas around the pit with special fire pit glass.


While deciding to make a fire pit for a wood deck, keep in mind about the material used. Like you can get various styles of the fire pit. But you should go for those fire pits which are made from durable material and have an extended life.

A cast aluminum fire pit is not a suitable option as it gets rusted. But if you choose a material like copper, then it won't stain easily. Cast iron is also the right choice for making the fire pit.


If you are making a fire pit for the first time, you may have no idea about the cost. Let me tell you that you need not spend a considerable amount on building a fire pit. You can get a fire pit under your budget.

The safe mode can be built under $300. The cost of the fire pit may vary according to the material and size of the pit. Its cost will go up if you make use of heavy material. A custom-built fire pit made using natural stone, and various offer features will cost around a thousand dollars or more.

Size of the fire pit- 

The size of the pit should be such that it fits in your yard and feel comfortable. Having small fire pits are not a great option. If you are going to organize parties or invite large groups regularly, then a big fire pit will be great! A big fire pit will make sure nobody feels left out and can enjoy it together!


Last but most important is to consider safety when building fire pits. Make sure you know how to light and turn off the fire feature of the fire pit. Never leave the flames unattended; always turn it off if you leave the place.

So these are the tips to consider when building a fire pit for a wood deck. You can read more about the fire pit for the wood deck if you want to get ideas about the design!