Seven Reasons to Add A Room to Your Home

If you are looking to increase the value of your home, you may have thought about adding a room to the house. It’s one of the best ways to add that little bit of value that you didn't expect and it’s also a great way to expand the home and have some room for the future. You need to make sure that your home is everything that you hope it will be, and whether you are looking to sell or looking to expand your family, you have a lot to do! 


The good news is that there are so many more benefits to adding a room to your home than these two! We’ve put together seven significant benefits to adding a room to the house. Let’s take a look:

  • Space. The first and main reason for most people adding a room is the added space. They need a new bathroom, an extra playroom or an office. They want to start a business, or create a new bedroom. Want to build an extra bathroom but the location is too far from the sewer drain pipe? No worries! A macerating toilet or upflush toilet can is the ideal solution for bathrooms that are far from the main drain line or have low water pressure. Upflush toilets have macerator pumps where you can connect other bathroom fixtures, like the sink and tub, for a low-cost and less hassle drainage solution.
  • Budget. Money is always a good reason to expand and add a room to the home. You can save yourself the money on buying an entirely new house when you add a room instead. It’s better for your budget and it’s going to be much less stressful to have a build than it is to have a whole new house waiting.
  • Value. You may not be looking to sell your house right now, but you should consider that an added room is going to increase the value of your home. You can use the help of residential architects to make your home look great if you’re confused on how a room will help your home to reach new heights! You will improve how much it's worth because of the fact you’ve added to the square footage. Building an additional bathroom, for example, is going to improve the whole value of the house and it;s going to be better for buyers to see that you’ve made positive changes.
  • It Looks Good. you can increase the curb appeal of the home if you do this right! You’ll be able to stop people in their tracks and have people pay up to an added 5% on the value of the house, too. 
  • Options! When you add a room, you choose what you want it to be. You can add more furniture and fixtures, decorate in the way that you want and you can even make it so that the kitchen and dining space are next door to each other. No matter what your home looks like, you can add a room to make it look far, far better.
  • Floorplan. If your home is beyond quirky, you can have the chance to fix your floor plan and make it better. You don't have to worry about that odd corner of the room and you can smooth out any of the odd spaces that aren't big enough for rooms but can be made that way.
  • Light. You can add far more light to your home when you add a room. You could have an entire wall made of glass, and that means tons of light flooding through to the home. You can choose to have a new extension to the kitchen and bring the light through there, making your home look bigger and brighter.