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How to Make Green Juice in Your Blender

Green juice has many benefits like boosting immunity, aiding weight loss, and improving digestion. Although there is no recipe, this smoothie is made from various green vegetables like kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, wheatgrass, mint, and parsley.

You don’t need many appliances to make your green juice; you only require a blender. Most people find green juice to be bitter, and they can’t tolerate the taste. Since you want to be healthy and not use any sugar, you can add fruits like kiwi, apples, lemon, berries, and oranges.

If you love making your fresh juices and smoothies at home instead of enjoying the store-bought ones, then you should learn the best tips to do that. Here are ways to make green juice effortlessly.


The first step is to choose the right appliances to make your green juice, for instance, a ninja blender. Before learning how to make green juice in a blender, you need to consider your blender's type, functionality, and durability. Also, consider the size, do you want to make 2 or 10 cups of green juice smoothie?

Although there are various types of blenders, most can be used to make juices and smoothies. However, you need to know how they work so you can choose wisely the ideal blender for making green juice. For instance, countertop blenders can be used for smoothies but not for green juice recipes with ice. You can also check out the vitamix 5200 blender review.

Personal bullet blenders, on the other hand, are smaller, ideal for a single serving, and some can crush ice. All of them have their pros and cons; you just have to choose the one that fits your tastes and purpose.


1. Choose the Right Blender

2. Know the Ingredients

Green juice is made from green leafy veggies, and sometimes fruits are added to improve the flavor. Although you should not substitute it for your diet, you will reap the benefits of green juice by including it in your routine. For instance, it contains many minerals and vitamins like A, C, K, and iron. Leafy green veggies may reduce heart disease risk and reduce inflammation. Green juice smoothie improves digestion and is ideal for people who cannot keep down solid foods. You can use ingredients like kale, apples, celery, cucumber, lemon, spinach, ginger, etc.



A blender allows you to make green juice for energy and other benefits by using affordable and healthy ingredients. It saves time and money compared to store-bought juice. Wash, peel, and wash all the fruits and veggies. Chop the pieces in sizes to make it easy to juice. Peel your lemons and oranges so they can be wholly processed; do this with all your citrus fruits. Try to choose organic products.

Gather all your ingredients like celery, kale, cucumber, apples, ginger, or anything else you prefer. Chop them and place in the blender, add half a cup of filtered water, and blend for at least 40 seconds. Ensure that you get a consistent mixture like a smoothie. Take a mixing bowl, pour the contents through a nut milk bag, and squeeze out all the juice. You can improve the flavor by adding fresh lemon juice, stir, and then enjoy; you can add ice to chill.

Always choose fresh fruits and veggies; withered products don’t have enough juices and will not give you the best results. A quick tip is to use seasonal vegetables and fruits; they are not only easy to find, but you can always opt for fresh produce. Peeling and washing your veggies and fruits makes it easy to grind and get the juices. When blending, ensure that you get a fine mixture.


Conclusion: A green smoothie is not a craze or hype; it has many advantages like improving digestion and boosting the immune system. Although there are store-bought smoothies, they usually have preservatives and processed sugar, which is unhealthy. You can use a blender to make green juice with whatever vegetables and fruits you choose.

Which is your Holy Grail green smoothie ingredient? 


3. How to Make the Smoothie