How To Know You're Ready for a Marriage Commitment

So, you're in love and everything is roses. You've got an extra spring in your step and life feels free and easy. Seeing your significant other is the best part of your day and you're thinking this might be the one. Before you make such a serious commitment, you want to do some serious reflection to be sure it's really right. Here are eight telltale tips that will reveal if you're ready to commit to marriage.

A lot of people think you need to find your other half, but that's not true. Before you get caught up in all the fun things like shopping for engagement rings, you need to know that you're happy with your own life and already a complete person. Your partner should also be in the same place. This is one situation when two halves don't make a whole, but two whole people make a great marriage. Your partner should compliment your life, not complete it.

You're Already Complete

You Support Your Partner's Independence

Another sign you're mature enough for marriage is when you can celebrate the other person's independence and achievements. Being in a truly committed relationship means that you accept that the other person has their own ambitions and dreams. Even though they may be different goals than yours, both of them mesh together well. You encourage them to be the best they can be and they do the same for you. You always know that no matter what, they'll be there rooting you on.

Issues crop up in every relationship and how you solve them can demonstrate if you're in a good place to consider marriage. Instead of being afraid to discuss problems with your partner, you should be able to talk with them openly. You shouldn't feel anxious or fear they'll leave you for speaking your mind. A devoted relationship means no secrets and the ability to work things out so both parties benefit.

You Can Speak Your Mind

You're Drama-Free

Everyone knows at least one couple that seems to be fighting all the time only to make up and start the cycle again. This constant drama isn't a healthy relationship, but instead a union between two dysfunctional people. A mature relationship is drama-free, where both people support each other and don't waste time saying hurtful things. You should be able to hold a normal conversation and work things out rationally without hurling insults.



Everyone has financial obligations, but your money situation should be well under control if you're considering marriage. You should be responsible for your own bills and not need someone to bail you out. Getting married to share expenses isn't the right reason to commit. Both of you should be self-sufficient and have your debt managed enough to handle the new responsibilities that marriage will bring such as a mortgage, vehicle, health insurance and building savings.


You're Financially Stable

You've Found Your Partner-In-Crime

When you've found a real partner-in-crime and can't imagine being without them, you may be ready to commit forever. They're always the first person you turn to with good news and the one you look to for comfort when there's bad. You think of them first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. They also bring out your best qualities and inspire you to be a better person. In a nutshell, they're your best friend as well as your lover.


Spending time alone with your significant other is probably your favorite thing to do, but if you're marriage-minded, there should be a lot of other people in your life, too. By now, you should have met each other's families and friends and been integrated into those groups. Your friends should like your partner and vice versa. If your friends or family are constantly trying to warn you about your significant other, this is a huge red flag.



Other People Are Part of Your Life

You're Willing To Do the Work

Some people think that true love is effortless and if it's meant to be, things will just fall into place. Unfortunately, life is rarely like a fairy tale and you'll have to work hard for anything good. The difference is that when you truly love a person, this work doesn't really feel like work at all. You realize that you'd do anything for the well-being and happiness of the most important person in your life without ever thinking twice.



When considering marriage, it's really important to know that you're genuinely ready for a commitment of forever. They say some people "just know" and while that's possible, it's also a result of them being able to be their true selves and feeling loved and supported. When this is how you feel with your partner, you'll know you're ready for marriage because forever doesn't begin to describe how long you want to be together.

You "Just Know"