How to find the best sports bra

What is a sports bra? It reduces chest movement and helps keep your breast shape properly. The sports bra can be worn as outerwear during exercise and other activities such as walking, jogging, yoga, etc. It is designed for sports such as jogging, aerobics, dancing, and cycling to protect the breasts from injury. The stretchy material of sports bras makes them comfortable for wearing while sleeping or diving, as well as during other activities. Bodcraft has a wide selection of sports bras that support the breast during physical activity and make you feel comfortable.

You can find different types of sports bra for women:

When choosing a sports bra, all women should know the three activity levels of the sports bra before purchasing one.

Low impact sports bras: These sports bras are good when less movement and low bounce are required. It has very soft and comfortable fabrics. Perfect for activities like yoga, stretching, and hiking.

Medium Impact Sports Bras: They are designed for intense physical activities such as jogging, cycling, and running. It provides an extra level of support for all types of breast sizes.

Highly Effective Sports Bras: These sports bras are mainly available in padded, underwire and wide straps. The cups evenly distribute and support each chest while you perform heavy jumping activities like zumba, running, and aerobics.

Simple tips for sports bras

It doesn't matter if you're just getting started on your fitness regimen or if you've been to the gym regularly for ages. It is important to make an effort to exercise and stay in shape. If you've had a love-hate relationship with a sports bra, we totally understand. Here are some tips for choosing, designing, and preparing the perfect couple for yourself:

There are different types of sports bras, including encapsulation and compression varieties. While the former provides gentle support and doesn't constrict your chest, the latter holds your chest against your chest for maximum support. While wrap bras are great for low-intensity exercises, compression bras are best for medium and high-intensity activities. Some bras are a combination of these two styles and offer maximum support.

Pay attention to the material of the bras. Not only should it be breathable and skin-friendly, but it should also wick away the sweat you produce during exercise.

Choose the type of design that you are comfortable with including racerback sports bras, tank top, and crossover straps. Color and printing are also important and should be selected after careful consideration. Some women exercise in t-shirts with sweatpants or leggings, with their sports bras worn under their outerwear. At the same time, many prefer to only train with their sports bra while styling it like a top.

Take a tape measure and determine your tape measure and chest by measuring just below your chest or around the widest part. The difference between these two measurements will help you determine your cup size (for sealed bras if necessary). Remember, your sports bra shouldn't feel like a vise and press uncomfortably on your ribs. Make sure you choose a size correctly after reading our size guide on each product page.

Wash your bras well with mild detergent after each workout and dry them in the sun. Further information on maintenance can be found on our product pages.