Boot Buying Guide for Women

Now that the warm days of summer have faded into memory, it’s time to put away your toe-baring sandals and bring out your toe-snuggling boots. If the options in your closet are in need of a refresh, now’s the perfect time to shop for womens casual boots. Whatever you’re in the market for this year, there are plenty of darling designs to choose from. Read on for the hottest styles to add to your cart when you’re shopping for a pair, or two, of boots this season.

The great thing about ankle-high boots, or booties, is that there’s a huge variety of styles within this category. Depending on the material and type of heel, an ankle boot can be paired with any number of outfits. With denim jeans or capris, a suede wedge-heeled bootie can help keep the look casual, while a spike-heel bootie in any shade of leather can be the right touch with a dressy skirt. Chelsea boots, with their signature elastic side panels, are available with flat or heeled soles and come in any number of fabrics; they can be attractively combined with everything from fitted pants to flared skirts. The versatility of ankle boots makes them a must-have for almost any wardrobe.

Ankle Boots

High Boots

Whether you opt for a calf-length, knee-high, or over-the-knee style, boots that sit higher up on the leg can be just as versatile as ankle boots. Heel height, fabric and even toe shape can dictate what outfits they’ll pair well with. As a bonus, the extra coverage provided by these higher boots make them particularly ideal for cozy winter looks.

One thing to keep in mind is how boots with higher shafts work with your body type. While tall, slender women tend to be able to wear any style of boot, shorter women can sometimes appear stubby in a higher design. The good news is that petite women often find that they can pull off a knee-high boot if they opt for one with a heel, so high boots can still be a great choice regardless of your build.


Although not limited to use on the trail, hiking boots are usually built for durability and comfort. However, don’t think that the practicality of outdoor footwear means it can’t be stylish as well. Timberland hiking boots, for instance, have been a fixture on runways and red carpets for years, and the available array of cuts and colors means there’s a hiking boot that’s perfect for almost any occasion. It doesn’t hurt that wearing an outdoor boot signals to the world that you’re up for anything, whether it’s running errands or scaling some boulders.

Boot season is upon us, and once again you’ll feel spoiled for choices. Whether you’re looking for high- or low-cut boots to pair with a myriad of outfits, or shopping for hiking boots that can also fill a multitude of functions, look for womens shoes online to see all of your options. With the right boots, you just might be wishing that summer takes its sweet time in coming back around.

Hiking Boots