A Handy Guide To Shop For The Perfect Engagement Ring

Your wedding ring is something which needs a lot of consideration, even though it's something tiny, as you'd like to keep it for your entire life. 

Not too long ago, it took only a few considerations to have an engagement ring: princess or emerald cut? Gold, yellowish - white? 

There seems to be a lot more to consider these days when finding out when, where, and how to purchase an engagement ring. The best tips for making this significant purchase can be found here. 

Decide your Budget 

Even if we strongly believe that the value of an engagement ring comes from the intention behind all this, money plays an important role in determining which ring to propose your partner with. 

When it comes to centre stone features and band styles, deciding on a budget early may enable you to thoroughly consider all your options. There really is no complicated and quick rule as to how much you can spend on an engagement ring, other than paying what feels good.

Get Precise Measurement 

It may seem simple, but make sure that both of you have your ring fingers measured correctly. You wouldn't want a ring that cuts out your circulation, or, perhaps worse, you wouldn't like a ring that is so loose it's at danger of dropping off. 

The ring should be snug but relaxed. If you don't shop together for your engagement rings, you should size yourself by a jeweler and then offhandedly mention your size the next time the subject comes up.

Choose the stone Style

In terms of diamond shape, if you know what your beloved other likes, that involves focusing the diamond ring search tremendously. Every design is priced differently and each one has a different price per carat. 

The most expensive are round cuts, whereas the less so are pear and sapphire. If size is relevant to you, when you choose an alternative type to the traditional round cut, you could get more carats at a cheaper rate. Study for ring cuts and have two or more favourites in mind when going out to shop for the ring.

Customise the style

 Custom feels more unique than simply going into a shop and choosing something. Most people now want something that walks the line between vintage and new in general terms. 

They want quality over size, or a specific shape, like a rose cut, and it's not so much about a big diamond anymore. 

And all together, a lot of people are ditching diamonds. You can create a truly beautiful alexandrite ring, which is a color-changing stone that in daylight is greenish blue and in incandescent light it is purple.

For a truly unique design, visit David Alan. The master jeweler specializes in custom made jewelry and will work with you in every step of your custom ring crafting experience.


It's a really thrilling time to buy an engagement ring and prepare for the proposal, and it's easy to get caught up in the romance, but understand: an engagement ring is typically a huge expense, and you want to ensure you do it correctly. Therefore in this article, we described some handy tips to help you propose with the best engagement ring.