5 ways to find the topic for a creative writing essay

We know how hard picking the right topic for your paper can be. 

This is especially true when it comes to creative writing that requires more self-expression than other work types.

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What is a creative writing essay?

This type of essay brings to students more freedom of expression for their thoughts and views. It makes them use their imagination a lot. It brings more inspiration usually than other types of essays, such as a descriptive or argumentative essay. By the way, getting some useful homework hacks on how to create a good argumentative essay will definitely boost your overall writing skills. If you need some extra help EssayHub can help. When students need some help in writing a creative essay outline or picking the right topic, they often apply to supportive services. These services can take away stress and save your time, providing excellent help in writing any type of academic paper you need. Read this essayshark review to find out more.

Here are some tips from skilled authors on how to find the topic for a creative writing essay.

1.Pick a subject that inspires you

If you are engaged in a topic by yourself, your readership will read your creative essay attentively. A life hack is to write about one of your hobbies. Are you into skateboarding or skiing? Maybe you like comics or ancient history? Use your passions to create a memorable paper. 

2. Find a topic you want to investigate

Look for topics that make you want to dig deep. Try undiscovered fields you know nothing about. It can be a field you wanted to know about but did not have time to do it. It can be space discoveries, or virtual reality, or FBI investigations. The main idea is to make yourself focus on the new subject.

3. Brainstorm 

Take a piece of paper, clear your mind, and just write down all the topics that come into your head. When finished, read them properly and pick the three best ones. Then choose the best of the three. Another way to pick is to ask your friend or classmate to help you.

4. Define your audience

When thinking about your essay topic, imagine your readership. Who will be reading your creative writing essay? Are you writing for women or for men, or maybe for kids? For a proper audience, like medical students or professional writers? Understanding what your audience will like to read will help you to choose a topic.

5. Give yourself time to decide on a topic

Sometimes you need to distance yourself from brainstorming and take some time to refresh your mind. Take a rest, go for a walk, and try to think about something that is not related to your task. The creative ideas will start coming to your head once you will forget about your assignment. 

Hopefully, you will find these ideas on how to find a topic for a creative writing essay useful. The universal advice that will help you to write an essay successfully is to practice writing every day. Try to write at least one hour per day, and in a month, you will be surprised by your own progress.