5 Things that Complete your Home Spa Experience

You have your hot tub installed facing the pristine sea just across the backyard. The views are to die for but what you are actually looking for is, the ultimate relaxation after a tiring day. 

The aroma of the scented oils, warm water filling the tub to the brim, the dim lights, your favorite music playing in the background, a glass of wine, and a good company, what more could you ask for a perfect spa without stepping out of the house. 

Herein, we are listing five accessories that make your at-home spa a luxurious experience: 

Your home spa ideally should be close to nature but away from the prying eyes of the neighbors and protected from the unpredictable weather.  

Covering the area from two sides—walls and installing roof like a modern patio enclosure offers the intimate experience you want. Create the perfect mood to rest and relax in aromatic hot water for as long as you want. 

As the home spa is just next to your bedroom, do not forget to consult your patio or pool cover installer to have an aesthetically elegant addition to your exteriors only.  Something that complements your hot tub and the outdoor decor. 


1. Private space just for home spa

2. Beautiful lights

Having a wrong light installed around the hot tub would just spoil the entire atmosphere. It would take time to narrow down the choices since there are hundreds of lighting options for bathroom and spas alike. 

From underwater LEDs to wall-mounted lights around the hot tub, you can set the mood you like. Avoid having flashy colors that make your eyes uneasy. Look for the advanced fixtures that give you control over the brightness (or intensity) of the light. 


A home spa without aromatic scent? Not happening. Many people make the mistake of adding a few drops of oil into the water but that will leave you with a cleaning mess. Something you do not want after a good bath, right? 

You can ask for hot tub aromatherapy crystals, salts, and even capsules that work great with some of the best spa water quality system. Add the instructed quantity to the water filter system to enjoy the crystal clean, fragrant water circulating, at short intervals.


3. Scented Water

4. Hot Tub Entertainment

Having friends over the weekend?  Have your music system installed in the patio, play your favorites from the playlist on the smartphone, or buy a hot tub entertainment system to take care of everything. 

From streaming a movie, live shows, to listening to popular music, there are multiple options for hot tub entertainment systems in the market. Relax and renew your body, mind, and soul, alone or with friends or family. 


Having a hot tub installed at home is not a recurring investment.  From regular cleaning to the maintenance, everything would count to determine how long the hot tub would give you the best spa experience. 

Yet, a top-quality hot tub cover makes a huge difference. Engineered for durability against UV rays, water, and frequent use,  a hot tub cover saves the cost of extra insulation to keep the water warm. 

Many hot tubs come with a compatible cover.  You can also get a customized cover if the existing cover doesn’t look great and offers little value. 

Extra accessories for a luxury bath experience 

  • Floor mats 
  • Toothbrush holder & soap dispenser
  • Towel bars 
  • Decorative wall mirrors 

You want to feel fresh and rejuvenated after the hot water bath. And every accessory brings its own value to make your home spa worth investing in. 

Do let us know what you think of the expert recommendations.


5. Spa cover