What To Do When Your Man Starts Losing His Hair

When you and your Significant Other first got together, his gorgeously luscious locks were one of the things that first attracted you to him. You love to run your fingers through it when you’re feeling amorous, you love to tousle it when you’re feeling mischievous. You may even like to pull on it when you’re feeling… y’know. Anyway… in recent years you’ve noticed that his lustrous mane isn’t quite what it used to be. You may have noticed that his hairline has begun to creep back at the corners of become more sparse at the front. You may notice more pink scalp standing out from beneath the hair of his crown when he tilts his head downwards. 

And if you’ve noticed it, you’d better believe that he’s noticed it!

While many may shrug it off, all men are extremely sensitive about the subject of hair loss and in some it can even be psychologically damaging. It’s not just that it limits their styling options. Just like us, men see their hair as a part of their identity. When it starts to become more sparse, it can not only serve as a reminder of their advancing years, it can lead them to feel that their best days are behind them. It can be a colossal blow to their self-esteem, as much as they may try and laugh it off.

The thought may not have entered your mind. But your man has almost certainly entertained the notion that you’re no longer attracted to him and will shortly leave him for someone with thicker and more lustrous hair. Men tend to assume that their partners will be less attracted to them if they start to lose their hair. One study found that 52% of men said they thought that women would agree that bald men are generally unattractive. However, a 60% majority disagreed with this. 


You may even find the notion that you’d leave him due to his hairloss laughable, but avoid laughing if you possibly can. Hair loss for men is like weight gain for women. It’s just no one of those things you laugh about!


First of all, be reassuring

Help him explore his options

The good news is that no matter how advanced his hair loss has become, he has options. The first, and one that he should consider straight away is to start taking a medication called finasteride. You can check out this link to buy it online. This androgen blocker prevents the compound DHT (a by-product of testosterone) from getting to the hair follicle on the head, thereby causing hair loss. These medications can help to mitigate and even completely halt hair loss. Over 80% of men taking it found that their hair loss stopped. In over 60% of cases men taking the drug also experience hair regrowth. Be advised, however, that some men experience a loss of libido when taking this medication and you should avoid using it if you are trying for a baby.

The topical treatment minoxidil can also be applied to the scalp and potentially stimulate regrowth by increasing blood flow to the follicle and it to get the nutrition it needs for healthy hair. 

In the longer term, a transplant may be advisable, relocating donor hairs from the side of the head to the scalp. However, this should be combined with one or both of the other two options. Otherwise, hair loss will continue in the areas where hair has not yet been transplanted. Otherwise you’ll just end up playing catch-up and he’ll run out of donor hairs on the side of his head.

If he’s looking for a quicker fix, however, you might find that sprinkling some keratin fibres into his hair in the areas where he’s feeling self-conscious conceals areas where he’s losing his hair and gives him more confidence. 


There are many, many options when it comes to dealing with hair loss, for men and for women. But there’s one option that’s much easier for men to embrace, which is the nuclear option. You may want to suggest experimentally shaving his head just to see how it looks. After all, hair loss is more glaring if he keeps trying to maintain the same style. He may find that breaking the clippers out makes him feel a whole lot better about his hair loss. After all, there are plenty of sexy bald men out there from Jason Statham and The Rock to Bruce Willis. 

He may not feel so bad about joining their ranks. 


Suggest shaving his head… just to see what it’s like