Ways of Motivating a Kid to Do Homework

It is always a daunting task to make kids undertake homework because of their general lack of interest in homework. However, parents can find exciting tips about homework on the Best Essay Help and transform the mentality of their kids towards homework. So how can you make homework fun for the kids?

Most parents try to find creative ways to motivate their kids when it comes to homework. The parents can decide to either buy toys, sweets, stickers or make threats, among many other motivators, as long as their kids comply in doing their after-school assignments. Such methods often prove inadequate in the long term. The best and right way of motivating children when it comes to homework entails intrinsic motivation. It is where the joy of doing homework originates from within the child, and they get psychologically satisfied by undertaking the assignment and not the outcome of their work.   


It’s vital to transform the mindset to motivate kids when it comes to doing their homework. Parents have to move from a work mindset to one about learning for effective orientation of their efforts in driving kids about homework.  Kids have to enjoy the act of doing their homework rather than focus on the outcome. It is for this reason that parents have to focus on the following in their motivation efforts.

  • Stop tagging homework as your kid’s “job.”  You start on a wrong footing when you refer to homework as a “job,” as it implies no fun and all work to a kid. As such, it can make a kid feel poorly about it, yet it’s not the case.
  • Avoid issuing ultimatums of “no play before the completion of the homework.” Making such a distinction through separate categorization of homework as not part of play implies a lack of enjoyment for kids while doing it, and this can reduce their motivation. 
  • Avoid using “no homework” for motivating kids. Homework essentially applies as a tool of practice for things learned in class. It is, therefore, wrong to dangle “no homework” to kids as a reward for good behavior because it insinuates homework as a form of punishment. As such, a child can have the wrong impression about homework despite completing their assignments, and this can affect them in the long term.
  • Avoid nagging, forcing, or bribing your kids to do homework. Your kid’s incentive to do after school assignments must originate from within to qualify as proper motivation. It is, therefore, imperative for a parent to avoid coercing the child through any form of bribe, force, or nagging when it comes to homework.
  • Allow your kid to face the consequences of non-compliance when it comes to their homework. It is essential to explain to your kids the benefit of homework and its contribution to learning besides the consequences that they may face when they fail to do their homework. You can explain how difficult it can get for them to retain information and how they should accept whatever consequences they might face as a result of school. However, ensure that the school has a policy of not dishing out corporal or any other cruel form of punishment. It becomes easier for kids to comply with their homework requirements later in their academic life when they learn the benefit of doing homework while still young. 
  • If you live in Annandale, VA, it is crucial to make sure your kid joins a school with a proper homework policy. Look for the best middle school in Annandale, VA that values homework and has a good system in place to motivate kids to do their after-school assignments.
  • Join your child in doing homework. It is crucial to lead by example, and this means showing them just how important it is for them to do homework by joining them. Taking some time off other things and dedicating it to their homework can send a child a strong message about how valuable homework is and its significance to their education and general life.  
  • Ensure that the process of doing homework becomes positive and fun, especially at home. You can decide to use a reward system for younger kids by showing them that they need to earn it besides employing games as part of the homework process to make it enjoyable and fun for the kids.    


Instilling the love for learning and doing homework can benefit your child for life when they develop it as a habit rather than making them do homework to pass exams.  


Proper Ways of Motivating Your Child to Cary Out Homework