Top 3 Wonders of India That Everyone Should Explore

India has always been very rich in its glorious culture and tradition. India itself is much larger than the Wonders of the world. The history of India is so rich and lively that even when you hear stories of independence you would feel so struck by history.  

Every corner of India has been so beautifully built that it seems that it has been drawn and then painted and crafted very carefully. 

The monuments of the country look so amazing, that they have been built so carefully with all the architecture and all the design. You must have heard of the wonders of the world, but have you ever heard of wonders of India? 

Today, I will discuss here the seven wonders of India, which you must visit once if you are in India. It will be worth a lifetime visit to this place.

Top 3 Wonders of India 

India is a land of culture and beauty and it has almost innumerable beautiful things to see but among all those some stand really significant on the land. It is very unfair if we wish to choose the best wonders of India because all of them are equally eminent and beautiful. But I would tell you about those three wonders which you must visit, they are certainly some masterpiece of human hands. 


I think most of us are well aware of the Taj Mahal, it is also one of the wonders of the world. The design of the monument is incredible but what makes it even more amazing is the history and the story behind it. The story of why and how taj Mahal was built is a stunning story, if you know the history then it will make the monument even more glorious. It has been standing steadily near the capital of the country in Delhi, Agra which is why the most number of tourist attractions is very common here. 

The sparkling white marble shines brightly under the moonlight and it is said that the Taj Mahal looks most beautiful and Romantic under the moon. It is like a spotless beauty and more than 7-8 million people visit the Taj mahal from abroad. The scenic beauty of the monument and the places around it make it amazingly beautiful.

The term “Taj Mahal” means “Crown of Palaces” and it took 20 years to built this monument successfully. The most significant feature of this monument is the large white onion dome. 


Taj Mahal

victoria mémorial india

Victoria Memorial

The Queen of London, Queen Victoria had spent almost 25 years in Kolkata which is one of the renowned cities in the easter India. This place in itself holds a lot of art and culture of India and the Britishers, and the Victoria Memorial is a symbol that apart from Delhi, the Britishers also chose Bengal, Kolkata to reign and rule over India. 

The Victoria memorial was built in the memory of the deceased queen who prevailed for so long in the city of Joy. This city is famous for sweets, everyone who loves to try different kinds of sweets must come to this and visit it at least once. The architecture of the monument is so significant that experts say it has a mixture of Egyptian, Mughal, British and Islamic designs. The green park within the boundaries of the monument will give you a certain peace of mind and soothe your senses. The best thing is that this park outside the monument can be regularly attended as it is always open.

Inside the monument, it is like an exhibition of painting and the art and culture during the time of Queen Victoria. This makes the monument even more significant, and it draws the artist, painters, creative personalities from all over the world. 


Qutub Minar

This monument present in the capital of the country well represents the history of the country. All of the monuments have been the witness to the rich history, fights, war, and the bloodshed for independence in India. Since Qutub Minar is situated in the Capital, it has faced most of the struggle and stood all along with the changing calamity and the changing reign of the country. 

A number of emperors of the Delhi Sultanate had built this monument years ago. It was the idea of Qutubuddin Aibak, after whose name this monument was named Qutub Minar. This monument is 73 meters tall and it has been able to develop a huge visitor base, every year some millions of visitors come to this place to visit the glorious history of the past. There is a significant silence, tranquility, and relax things within the monument area. 


There are plenty more monuments in India but according to me, these three are the best of the monuments, that we could keep a visitor thronged. The beauty of these places is so stunning and gorgeous due to the monuments. The whole country looks beautiful with respect to art and culture, and it is these two factors that make this city so imminent. 

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Qutub Minar