The growing trend of recycling in the fashion industry

Fashion is something that has continued its evolution since forever and will remain to change till the end because the consumers can not stick to one or two trends for the rest of their lives. Starting from the basic purpose of covering their bodies to clothing being a mode of identity where people need to look like themselves gave way to different trends being introduced in fashion. Every now and then different fashion trends are introduced and the fashion industry has become a major industry in the economy. Many brands provide a wide collection of their clothes that the customers can choose from like DSuared 2 which you can get simply do click here for a huge collection of dsquared2

Clothing is an identification of the lifestyle so better the clothes mean better is the lifestyle of a person. The fashion industry uses textile raw materials from plants, animals or from minerals like glass fiber. Three of these sources are natural. Along with these, there are synthetic sources like polyester, acrylic, etc . Due to the increasing demand for clothing, raw materials supply from natural resources is not available in abundance to meet the needs. Lack of resources may affect the economy and the fashion industry may face a downfall.

The fashion industry and economy:

Recycling in the fashion industry

Sustainability is crucial in protecting the environment from the continuous usage of natural resources. Scarce resources of the planets have forced the use of second-hand clothes but it is not enough as the need for recycling is increasing in order to eradicate the waste material and make use of finite resources as much as possible. Brands like dsquared2 are creating new fashion trends by changing their old jeans to produce other clothing items like jackets or shirts.

The natural raw material is limited so one of the methods is a mechanical method where waste garments are collected and sorted according to their color and fabric type. They are then cut into smaller pieces, then washed, renewed in their original state, then these are transformed into fibers and new clothes are made from the natural recycled garments. 

Another method is to add chemical fiber with the natural recycled fiber because the used products are worn out, and they have lost much of the quality so to ensure better quality, artificial fiber is added. Recycled polyester is also used in garment production, which can be produced by recycling the plastic products which are a burden on the environment but can be put into the best usage as apparel. You can explore the fantastic collection of eco and sustainable fabrics at Ethical Elements.


How are the products recycled?

Markets for recycled products

The scarcity of raw material has forced many brands in the fashion industry to make use of recycling so the nonrenewable resources could not be exploited. The brands make use of used garments and convert them into the latest designs in a way that they seem completely new and sell them to their customers.