Styling a Simple Outfit Into a Showstopper

Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry that will forever be changing from year to year, proclaiming the latest in catwalk trends and this year’s latest top wears. Although many people love to keep up with the fashion industry, changing out their wardrobe for the hottest styles eagerly, there are many more that have no interest in whatever the new black is and are happy to keep it simple. 


A simple wardrobe offers plenty of benefits, less time taken to get ready in the morning, less laundry to get through and fewer things to coordinate with when buying new items. By keeping a simple or capsule-style wardrobe, you’ll get out of the habit of buying clothing only for one occasion which can add up to a lot of extra cash over the year. Simple doesn’t need to mean boring though and even the plainest outfit can be jazzed up into a stylish appearance that’ll turn heads. 


Simple outfits tend to be monochromatic, block colour or one or two similar colours worn together, think three-piece suits and women’s smart-casual dresses. It’s simple to add some flair to this outfit by introducing a bright pop of colour with an accessory or a single item of clothing. Consider a bright blue scarf alongside a smart-casual shirt and trouser combination or a patterned colourful shirt underneath a block colour blazer. 


Subtle colour works just as effectively when you need a more formal appearance and can be included as men’s jewellery such as a luxury pair of cufflinks with coloured stone inlays and matching tie clip. Alternatively, for ladies, a dazzling gemstone on a low-hanging necklace can truly complete an outfit. 


A simpler wardrobe with clothing that works well interchangeably allows you much greater freedom for your jewellery collection, meaning items can be worn more often with all different outfits. Not only jewellery pieces but shoes, scarfs, belts and hats can all take your outfit from flat to fabulous and don’t have to break the bank or clutter your wardrobe. Make sure to keep your accessories safely stored, especially high-value jewellery to prevent it from becoming dirty or damaged. 


A Flash of Colour

Have Off the Rack Clothing Tailored

While we all wish we had a bespoke tailored wardrobe, the reality is the cost is too much for the vast majority of people and most people make-do with what they can get off the rack that fits closest. Clothes that are tailored can make a huge difference to your outfit however and it’s worth investing in a local tailor to have your pieces adjusted from fitting ‘well’ to fitting perfectly. Not only will you look the part but having properly fitting clothes can do wonders for your confidence, all without costing the hundreds expected of big-name designer labels. 


Although prices are dependent on your local area, tailoring existing clothes into a new fit shouldn’t be exceedingly expensive and there are many detailed guides for learning how to tailor your own clothes online. If you are going to tailor your own clothes, it’s recommended to start with cheap or old clothing that you aren’t likely to wear again and won’t miss if something goes wrong. 



There are no rules around fashion, sure there are plenty of recommendations around what to and not to wear but as long as you are dressing for the occasion and you are comfortable, it doesn’t matter what others think. Breaking the rules catches on after a while and becomes its own trend such as the half untucked shirt, blazers worn with jeans and trainers and belts worn over layers. 


Your style is just that, yours, and it’s something you can have some fun with, so grab that white shirt and consider ways to transform your smart work outfit into a cool weekend casual appearance with just a few accessories and get ready to roll in the complements.


Wear It Differently