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Learn about your skin before you buy makeup for yourself

A lot of times people tend to only put a little bit of lotion on their face before applying makeup. It's wrong on so many different levels because applying makeup is one thing but you have to learn about your skin before you buy makeup for yourself. Prepping your skin should be your major concern before applying foundation or even BB cream on your face.

One of the major things you need to prep your skin beforehand contains the absolute necessity on top which is sunscreen. Apply your sunscreen in the day even if you think it won't be sunny outside. Put on some primer, moisturizer, water mist, or rose mist and certain other things to even out and smoothen the face and skin. Now you can start with either your BB cream or foundation/ base.

Steps in prepping the skin before applying makeup

Steps after removing the makeup

So when you finally decide to remove the colors and art off your face, you have to be very gentle. If you don't know your skin type, chances are, you might end up getting a rash or even acne and pimples might pop out. So how will you know what is your skin type and what to do?

If you have a super dry or even a normal to dry skin, even in the summer it just needs moisture, like A LOT, it just means it's quite sensitive, too. What you need to do before taking your makeup off or even buying makeup off the store is looking for products that clearly state 'For Normal To Dry Skin' or 'For Sensitive Skin.'  

Similarly, if your skin is oily even during the winters, getting a face powder, applying it at the end of your makeup is a pretty good deal for your skin. It will keep the oil intact on your face throughout the day. 

It's also worthwhile checking out skincare during pregnancy, just in case you find ingredients that might react to your skin.



Here are some things to keep in mind

Why is it necessary to learn about your skin?

Looking naturally toned, having no breakouts, smooth skin without acne scars with the proper moisture to the face as well as looking fresh without the makeup is what every girl dreams of! 


We're not saying if your skin has some uneven tone or acne scars, it makes you less. But we sure are saying that since no one wants that skin, you're going to be pretty concerned in how to 'fix' it or keep your skin the way it is if you're satisfied. No one wants to worsen something, so this is why it's absolutely necessary to learn and take care of your skin before you even buy makeup. 



  • Your skin will age properly, looking more youthful.

  • No wrinkles will be formed early.

  • The texture of your skin, as well as acne prevention, can be done if you take good care of your skin and learn about it.

  • Prevention is better than cure, so take care of your skin before you have to start going after medicines and other sources to protect it.


Hope we have convinced you in this 3-minute read to know your skin type before you purchase Petite Cosmetics for yourself.


Pros of learning about your skin