How to do your eyebrows: Guide to using eyebrow powder

Creating picture perfect eyebrows to frame your eyes requires a bit of work every day. In addition to putting the effort into doing your eyebrow makeup you need to use the right brow powder. But the path to getting Instagram ready eyebrows is often littered with brow powders in the wrong shades, and incorrect technique for applying them. So, to help you we have brought together tips from experts that you can use along with the brow powder to get dream brows.

Importantly our expert tips focus on how to find the right brow powder for your hair colour and the correct way to apply it so that you get the most benefits from it. So, without further delay, let’s dive into our guide for using eyebrow powder!


Many people use brow powders, pencils, gels, and pomades but end up drowning their eyebrows in products and often use them in the wrong sequence. This is where a guide to using eyebrow powder is handy as it reduces the amount of guesswork, when applying eyebrow products.

Why do you need a guide for using brow powder?

Get the correct kit to apply powder to your brows

Using a good eyebrow kit is important but you can create your own by investing in eyebrow shapers such as brow scissors, and slanted tip tweezers for removing eyebrow hair. Also getting an angled tip brush on one end of a long stem and a spoolie on the other is ideal, as you can use it to apply brow powder.


Getting a correct shade of eyebrow powder is important, and it should either suit your skin tone or hair colour. 

How to find an eyebrow powder using your skin tone

  • If your skin has a pink tone, getting eyebrow powder putty or a light brown shade that has an ashy tint is ideal while reddish colours should be avoided.
  • People who have olive toned skin should get an eyebrow powder medium brown or a similar shade.
  • Those with various shades of dark skin should choose an eyebrow powder dark brown. Also, people with dark skin can look for colours that are about 1-2 shades lighter than their skin.

How to find an eyebrow powder according to hair color

  • Blondes have hair in myriad shades, and often eyebrow powder putty is a right choice for them as it has an ashy tone. Alternatively, they can choose an eyebrow powder in shades of blonde.
  • Brunettes should ideally choose a colour that is about 1-2 shades lighter than their hair. In case they have red highlights, they can opt for an eyebrow powder auburn which can be blended easily with several shades of brown. 
  • Black haired people should ensure that they do not choose a colour similar to their hair. Instead they should opt for an eyebrow powder soft jet black.
  • Red heads generally have lighter brows, and so they should opt for an eyebrow powder blonde or shades that have a hint of gold in them. 

Invest in brow powders that suit your hair color or skin tone

How to do your brows with eyebrow powder

Check your eyebrows and remove stray hairs

Checking your brows before you add powder will reduce the need for making corrections down the line. Also, as you check them you should use tweezers and scissors to remove stray hairs.

Brush a spoolie through your eyebrows

Using a spoolie, brush your brows so that loose hairs are removed and your eyebrows are set perfectly. 

Decide on the shape of your brow

If you want to create brows that are shaped according to a specific trend then you need to map the start, arch, and tail. Also, when you want to know how to do your eyebrows at home for the first time, finding these points are important. Once you find these points you can shape your brows to perfection and ensure they are not too long or too short.

  • Using a long eyebrow pencil place it vertically at the side of your nose. At the place where the pencil meets your brow, mark it as the start.
  • Placing the pencil at the side of your nose and positioning it at 45 degrees, mark the area where it touches your brow as the tail. 
  • Angle the pencil so that its stem passes thought the outer edge of the iris of your eye. At the position where the pencil meets your brow mark it as the arch.

Coat your brows with a primer

Using a brow primer pencil coat your brows and this will ensure that brow powder adheres to hair and skin in the area.

Use an angled tip brush to apply eyebrow powder

  • With an angled tip brush dipped in brow powder draw a line at the top and bottom of each brow. 
  • Apply the brow powder in the area between the lines.
  • If you are using two shades of brow powders ensure that they are blended well with the brush.

Spread the powder evenly using a spoolie brush

As you apply the powder you need to spread it so that sparse areas are covered and appear full. Importantly, brow powders work well when combined with brow pencil strokes in sparse areas and you get fuller, thicker, appearing eyebrows. By using mineral oil free eyebrow powder, you also ensure that your brows get a natural finish and do not look “painted on.”

Provide a finishing touch with an eyebrow gel

Even if you are using smudge proof eyebrow powder applying eyebrow gel is vital. The gel will ensure that your brows remain styled and perfectly in place, all day long. Also, if you choose a fiber full eyebrow gel you can add volume instantly to your eyebrows. A fiber brow gel that is infused with vitamins will also help nourish hair on your eyebrows and make them healthier.

Use an eyebrow definer to draw attention to your brows

A 2-in-1 eyebrow definer is handy, as it comes with a concealer in a universal shade on one end and a highlighter on the other. Using the concealer end you can cover up blemishes and dark circles under your eyes. Using the highlighter tip, you can draw a line under your brows from the arch to the tail. After blending the highlighter, it will provide an instant brow lift. As a result, you will look younger and your eyes will look bigger.

The right shade of eyebrow powder is a vital part of a brow makeup routine. Savarnas Mantra® has a stellar range of brow powders that suit several hair colors, while its collection of brow gels is created from natural ingredients, are enriched with vitamins, and infused with fibers. The company based in the US, also creates a variety of eyebrow shapers, and brow brushes, that are ideal for an eyebrow kit.