How Can You Live a Greener Life?

The world is at a turning point. We’ve all heard about the climate crisis that we’re currently facing. However, frankly, as a society, it is apparent that we’re still not doing anywhere near enough to prevent the catastrophe that we’re likely to face within the next few decades. 

Every year, the ice caps melt more. We mind more natural resources. We pump more CO2 into our environment. We’re chopping down the rainforests, which are the lungs of the world, at an alarming rate. There are less than 30 years before there will be no seafood left. 

We can all cross our arms and blame it all on previous generations and say that it’s the governments of the world who should be fixing this problem. We could also blame big businesses that have exploited these resources and caused pollution. But the simple fact of the matter is that we should all now work hard to fight climate change. 

But what can we do as individuals to help stop this massive problem? 

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the ways that we can all live in a more sustainable fashion. We’ll look at the decisions that we can make to ensure that we’re living as green an existence as possible. Read on to find out how you can live a greener life. 


We’ve all heard the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle” before, but how many of us actually live by that thought process? 

Reducing the amount we consume is one of the biggest ways that we can all live a sustainable life. But looking at the things that we do consume is important too. 

Where does the item come from? How far has it travelled to get to us? How is it made? How is it packaged? There are many different considerations that we should all be making when it comes to deciding what we buy and use. 

Reducing the amount of packaging on the products that we buy is essential. Too often, products come packaged in non-recyclable materials. We end up throwing away packaging that may not even be needed. 

Take, for example, fresh fruit from the supermarket. The only reason it comes packaged is to make sure we buy larger quantities. But we’re left paying more and having to throw away non-recyclable packaging. The smart buying choice is to buy loose produce such as fruit, veg, and bread. 

Reusing products is important too. For many items that we use daily and discard, there is a reusable alternative. Take reusable makeup pads, for example. These can be used and then washed and used again. 

Recycling anything that you can is essential. If you must buy a product that has packaging, make sure it is recyclable. Help out your recycling plant by separating your waste so that as much can be recycled as possible. 


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Switch Energy Providers

Does your current energy provider produce their electricity using a renewable source? By switching to a greener energy provider, you can show the major companies that still use fossil fuels that you disagree with the way that they take resources from the planet and pollute the atmosphere. 

There are plenty of companies out there that provide energy using renewable sources such as hydro, wind, or solar.

Find out how your energy company produces their electricity, and it if it is not from 100% renewable sources, then find an alternative supplier. Look into Texas energy rates here. 


There is a lot of research that points to the fact that animal agriculture is responsible for a lot of pollution. Not only does a great deal of pollution comes from farming, but to meet our growing food demands, more woodland needs to be cleared to provide land to grow crops to feed the extra animals as well as to hold them. 

With meat and dairy production at such a high, many people believe that eating a vegan or a flexitarian diet will reduce the need for so many animals to be produced. 

The United Nations has also reported that switching to a plant-based diet will help the environment. 


Cut Down on Meat and Dairy

Think About How You Travel

How do you get to work each day? If you drive to wherever you need to go, ask yourself, is there another way that you could travel?

There are plenty of other options other than driving. You could take a bus or train. The more people that use public transport, the fewer vehicles there will be on the road. 

For shorter journies, you could choose to cycle or walk wherever you need to go to. 

If you really must drive, can you give someone else a ride with you? Carpooling is a great way of reducing the number of cars on the road. 

If you’re in the market for a new car, why not switch to an electric vehicle? The technology is there; we just need to get on board with it. 


You may not believe it, but freshwater is running out. We may be surrounded by water, but much of it is not safe to drink. 

By 2025, it is estimated that 1.8 billion people won’t have access to fresh, clean drinking water. 

In South Africa, in recent years, the entire country was almost on the brink of turning off its water supply for good because they had almost run out. Luckily, the entire country made the necessary changes to keep it turned on. 

If you want to save water, you could do the following: 

  • Use a container to capture rainwater which you can use to flush toilets and water plants 
  • Fix leaky taps and pipes
  • Take shorter showers 
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth 
  • Use a dishwasher

We all need to do our bit for water conservation. While it may seem like an abundant resource, we’re at a turning point where a lot of the world won’t have access to safe, clean, drinking water very soon. 


Conserve Water