9 Ways to Experience Luxurious London On a Budget

It is the dream of every travel enthusiast to visit London - One of the world’s greatest cities- at least once in a lifetime. There is a lot to see and do in this city; your only limitation is your budget size. But is it possible to enjoy the best of the city on a budget?

Please read on to learn how you can experience Luxurious London on a budget:


To say the least, London views are to die for! If you love great views, there isn’t a better way to enjoy luxurious London than sipping a cocktail from the rooftop of a cocktail bar in Central London. There are tons of free cocktail rooftop bars where you can order cheap foods and drinks. Sky Garden, a cocktail bar on top of Walkie Talkie, for example, is a very popular free bar. 

When visiting Liverpool Street station on a weekday, pay Sushi Samba a visit and sip cheap cocktails as you enjoy the vista. However, if you want to relax in a rooftop cocktail bar on a weekend, you will need to pre-book. These free bars can get really crowded from Friday through Sunday.

1. Enjoy a cocktail from the rooftop of a cocktail bar

2. Visit a free museum

London is home to the UK’s richest history: It houses the nation’s royal history. If you are a lover of art and history, you are in for a luxurious trip no matter how small your budget is. The good thing about visiting London is that you can take advantage of free walking tours in London, which boasts a lot of beautiful attractions and sites. In addition, you can enjoy a lot of museums and art galleries that offer tourists free tours, so it will be up to you to take advantage of that. The Museum of London and The British Museum, for example, are free.

London has more than 70 Michelin star restaurants as of now. More are coming up. On a normal day, you cannot enjoy any meal here without a budget of £100 per person, per meal. The luxury here is unmatched and the meals are over-the-top. 


But why are we including these restaurants on our list? Well, because they often offer lunch deals that include 2-3 course samples at less than half the price. Just pick up a lunch deal and enjoy the meal of your life for as low as £30.



3. Grab a cheap sampling meal at a Michelin star restaurant

4. Go sightseeing

Just like free museums, London also has palaces and royal parks that you can experience without paying a dime. You won’t pay to enjoy the panoramic views as you walk over the Tower Bridge or the Millennium Bridge. Also, a tour of the Palace of Westminster (also free) would be an irreplaceable experience.



You don’t have to be loaded to enjoy a day out shopping in London boutiques. Take a tour of Kings Road in Chelsea and check out the many designer sale options that the small shops in this exclusive area have to offer. Marylebone High Street, Kensington High Street, and Oxford Street also offer great knickknacks and antiques at very affordable rates. 



5. Some boutique shopping

6. Rent a bike for a relaxing tour in and out of London

London definitely has one of the most scenic cycling trails. If you’re ever in London and you're trying to keep your trip on a budget, I would absolutely recommend renting a bike for an hour, cycle around the city, and see the tourist attractions, at least from afar, that you normally wouldn’t have due to time constraints. If you’re really tight with time, you can also rent an electric bike, and go around the entire city on a record time and budget.

One key highlight of the UK is tea; the Britons love their tea. If money is the least of your problems, then a cup of tea at The Langham or Fortnum & Mason will make your London trip unforgettable. But there is no point in breaking your bank when Dean Street Townhouse in Soho and the Orange Pekoe offer you high-quality tea at an à la carte pricing.

7. Try la carte priced tea

8. Stay in a serviced apartment

Luxurious hotels in London aren’t cheap. That is why most tourists on the budget end up staying in hostels and chain hotels. Those options are cheap but not comfortable per se. If you want to get comfortable and not pay hefty accommodation fees, consider staying in a serviced apartment. 


Regrettably, a night at the theater would be one of your most expensive nights in London. However, you still can have a great night in one of London’s West End theaters on a budget if you could go on a weekday when tickets are cheaper. Other options include purchasing a standing-room-only ticket or opting for a matinee. 


Bottom line:

Your best shot at seeing the best of London without overstretching your budget is to leverage the many freebies that the city has to offer. This post only scratched the surface; there are many freebies in the city that you can discover when visiting London on a budget.



9. Visit a show theater on a weekday