7 things to avoid before getting a spray tan

Your first attempt to apply spray tan might tend to be a bad or good experience. However, several ways can help you have a good experience every time you go for a spray tan. If you are worried about experiencing a spray tan, then you should look for the seven things you need to avoid before getting a spray tan (described later). 

Moreover, the spray tan is costly, and you would not like to make your money get wasted, so you need to keep several things in mind to take special care to ensure an effective spray tanning. 

As you will spend your money to prevent yourself from (early) aging, sun spots, skin cancer, and dark spots using spray tanning, your overall experience should be more than better. Therefore, look for short but seven critical things that help you better understand before getting a spray tan. 


If you take a hot shower, your body's pores get open, and while spray tanning; the tan gets into your pores, leaving an uneven tone of the body. Therefore, to prevent the body from different complexion patches, make sure you do not go straight after taking a hot shower. 

Tip: Take a shower with cold water and use ice over the body to close the pores. And after spray tanning, do not take a shower for 5 hours to above.


1. Avoid taking a hot shower

2. Avoid: Waxing and Shaving

The view about waxing and shaving before spray tan varies. Some believe it's not safe to wax or shave before a spray tan, and others think it is better to wax or shave before a spray tan. Well, if you see, both suggestions are right at there place. Waxing the unnecessary hairs allow spray tan to better integrate into the skin; however, the spots or rashes due to wax would cover the body areas and results in uneven body tone after spray tanning. Similarly, cuts occur during shaving also take time to recover. So never take a chance! 

Tip: Wax and shave one day before a spray tan to avoid bruising. Use exfoliating mitt, non-moisturizing soap, to remove the residues after shaving–Pradas. 


If you are going for a full-body spray tan, make sure you do not have gone for facials before. Because the tanner integrates into the open pores of the skin after facial, leaving blackheads behind. And you probably don't want that spotted dark skin after spray tanning. 

Tip: Make your facial appointment one day before the spray tanning. Or else, try using the alternative of leaving the face without tanning and tan the whole body. 


3. Avoid: Facials

4.Avoid: laser treatments

If you have booked your skincare treatments just before a spray tan, try to avoid these treatments, especially laser ones. Because after laser treatments, the skin peels off several times, causing the tan to remove. Also, the spots and dry areas due to laser become even darker after spray tan. So, wait until your skin becomes clear and stops peeling off. 

Tip: If you have received laser treatment on your face or somewhere else, then you can have tan sprayed to other parts of the body except those. 

If you are more an outside person who faces sun rays each day, the natural tan will only make the spray tan's harmful effects. The tanner over tan causes orange and reddish shade over the body (you won't be wishing for an awful look after a spray tan, right!). So, avoid going out before your spray appointment to get the best results. Secondly, the skin burnt due to sunlight peels off with intervals causing the tanner to remove. Therefore, keep yourself safe from sunlight and away from tanning beds to have a glowing spray tan.

Tip: Wait until the burned skin peels off and then go for a spray tan. 


5. Avoid: Sunrays and Tanning beds

6. Avoid: Acne removing products

The acne medications products contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that dries the skin, which further makes some skin areas darker during spray tan and peel off the tanner afterward, leading to uneven tone the body. Also, do not go for a spray tan if you have active acne, for sure. And avoid using creams before spray tan that will act as a barrier for the tanner to be applied over the skin. 

Tip: Stop using the acne, removing products a week before a spray tan.


Exfoliating is a better option to prepare the skin before spray tan by removing the dead skin cells and sheds. However, if you go higher with exfoliating, the results you will experience would be worst as over-exfoliating causes the tanner to develop darker areas and uneven tan. 

Tip: Use soft hands, loofah, or scrub (oil-free) to exfoliate. 

On the next or your first appointment for a spray tan, make sure you follow the tips, have a sound sleep and avoid these things to have better glowing and. Shimmering spray tan. 


7. Avoid: Over-exfoliating skin