Skincare through the Seasons: How to Glow All Year Round

Our skin is our body’s protective barrier, and it’s quite resilient but there’s no denying that it also takes a beating from our day-to-day activities, the elements and the changes in seasons. That’s why it’s so important for us to take good care of our skin and keep it healthy. Our skin isn’t the same in hot months as it is in cold months because temperature, humidity and other facets of the weather affect it. This means that we have to adapt our skincare routines in order to give our skin exactly what it needs as seasons change. Generally our skin shows what it’s lacking if we observe and learn about it. Here’s a quick guide for how to shift our skincare routine to fit the seasons and to avoid some of the downsides of the elements.

The elements act on our skin in specific ways. In the hot summer months, we’re more exposed to the sun’s rays, which makes it critical that we use sunscreen, even when we wear layers of moisturizer and makeup or sit in the shade, sun protection is still necessary. In summer we also experience an increase in sweating and in our skin’s production of excess oil. All of this can lead to effects like uneven skin tone and dead skill cells that make the skin appear dull. 


In order to counter what the heat does to our skin, remember the number 1 rule - to stay hydrated and replenish the water you’re losing by drinking water throughout the day. It’s also important to restore the moisture to your skin through topical products like a good serum and moisturizer. You might also want to cool down your skin, so a neat trick is to store your facial products in the fridge.



Summertime Skincare

Skin Treatments

Because the sun’s rays and the heat can cause damage to our skin, sometimes we will need a more intense treatment to replenish the skin or help it recover. This is where microdermabrasion facials come in. “This is a non-invasive, single-appointment treatment that gently scrubs away dead skin cells, debris, and uneven tone. Microdermabrasion consists of blasting the skin with tiny, microscopic crystals from a special wand. This effectively sands away the top layer of old, dead skin cells and debris, making your skin look brighter and more youthful.”


When the weather becomes cold, our skin also gets affected. In winter the air becomes cold and it also becomes dry, and the lack of humidity means our skin gets dry, flaky and even chapped. You’ll notice in winter that your skin might need extra moisture because it’s fighting against the elements which draw out any moisture it has. In order to counter this, we need to add moisture-packed serums and creams, and add these as extra layers to our daily beauty routine. For some people a foam or soap-based skin cleanser can also strip away the much needed moisture from your skin, so consider switching to an oil cleanser in the winter months. Drinking plenty of water is also necessary. Even though you’re not in the summer months, you still lose moisture so you need to replenish it.

Winter Skincare

Sheet Mask

Winter is a great time to add an extra step of pampering into your skincare routine. A great option is moisturizing and hydrating sheet masks. Drenched with healthy moisturizing and replenishing serums and oils, a weekly sheet mask can do a lot more than your daily products and actually boost the benefits you get from them. Sheet masks have always been a K-beauty staple but recently they’ve become a global obsession and now everyone is trying to get their hands on them. These products are like having the spa experience in your own home, and when your skin takes a beating from being out in the cold, this is the perfect boost and inexpensive solution. 


Our skin is very delicate and prone to the effects of hot and cold temperatures as we cycle through the seasons. It’s important that we sustain the health of our skin by taking measures to counter the elements, whether that’s through investing in certain products or making sure we stay hydrated. If we take care of our skin, it gives us that glow, and it makes makeup look even better.